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Perfect Options to Crop Video Through Movavi

Movavi Video Editor is a program for cutting video files, from a private Russian company Movavi engaged in the development and support of software for working with video and audio materials. And in this article we will acquaint you with the Movavi Video Editor, with its capabilities and limitations of the demo version of this wonderful program, and most importantly – in more detail we will focus on the function of trimming video files, this is going to help you with making the best videos and getting lots of TikTok likes.

Movavi Editor

To crop video clip, you do not need to be a professional video editor or Hollywood employee. Any user can trim the video on his computer. It’s enough to install a video editor on your PC and remember a few actions. Today’s article is devoted to how to cut a fragment from a video.

Programs with which you can edit videos are called video editors. In addition to trimming clips, they allow you to superimpose special effects and sound on video, turn over, duplicate frames and much more. Easier to master the video editor is MovaviVideoEditor. This is a simple program, with which you can cut a fragment from the video. Of course, you can try your hand at Pinachele or Adobe Premiere Pro, but it’s better to start with a simpler video editor. You can download MovaviVideoEditor from the official site – http://files.movavi.com/dl/MovaviVideoEditorSetup.exe.

• When installing the program on one of its steps you need to uncheck the items associated with Yandex, so as not to overload the computer with extra software.
• To start cropping a movie, you need to drag it to the timeline located at the bottom.

After dragging under the window that displays the current state of the video, two sliders are activated, which should be moved to mark the boundaries of the fragment. When a fragment is selected, you need to click on the “double scissors” icon to cut it out from the whole clip.

• In the new window that opens, Movavi prompts you to view the video. Click “OK” to go to the procedure of decoding and saving video.
• It remains only to click on the “Save” button and select “Save as a video file”.
• In the last window, set the parameters of the clip and click “Save”. We wait until the end of the encoding of the clip and close the program.
• In addition to Movavi, Freemake, Video Toolbox and Format Factory successfully cope with video clips.

One of the frequent tasks not only of a video editing specialist, but also of a novice user using social networks is to crop or crop the video, removing unnecessary parts from it and leaving only those segments that are required to be shown to someone. To do this you can use any video editors, however sometimes installing such an editor is superfluous – crop the video with simple free programs for video trimming, online or directly on your phone.

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