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Online Crime on the Rise as Criminals Use Techonology to Stay Anonymous

With the internet being used by more and more people, criminals are becoming ever more opportunistic and moving their activities onto the world wide web. The criminals who are doing so, however are always on the lookout for ways to do things anonymously, as the act of leaving a digital trail, could mean that they get caught. What exactly is it though, that these criminals are doing in order to stay anonymous, and are their efforts working out for the best?

Online Crime on the Rise as Criminals

Proxies Provide Fake Addresses and Remove the Advantage We Once Had

Normally a person can often be identified thanks to something known as an IP address. This address often provides a geolocation, allowing for those in need, to track down an individual, based on their IP address. With the invention of proxies, however, IP addresses are no longer too much of an issue.

Proxies change everything because someone can fake their IP address using a proxy address. A proxy address means that even if you have the IP address of someone, there is no saying as to whether or not the address you have is, in fact, their real address. The situation is seen as worse, when it is made clear as to just how easy it is to get a proxy address of your own.

Virtual Numbers Remove the Issues of Traditional Communication

A virtual number might allow for people to communicate in ways that are often not traceable, and often hard to record. Though it might have been easy to bug phones in the past, and record phone calls, a virtual phone number makes that task slightly more difficult.

Bitcoin Provides an Opportunity Like No Other to Remain Anonymous

Bitcoin is also allowing for criminals to engage in more activity using the internet. With the help of crypto exchange, transactions can remain anonymous, and there is often no way to figure out what the transaction involved, in terms of the parties that exchanged money. Bitcoin has several purposes for criminals, though it is easy to see how Bitcoin can easily allow criminals to launder their money, without having to rely on some of the older strategies.

Authorities Stuck as Increased Encryption Makes it Harder For Police to Trace Criminals

Increased levels of encryption, also mean that it is getting easier for criminals to pursue malicious activities on the internet. Criminals are able to hide in plain sight as their activities are behind a door of heavy digital encryption. Digital encryption, something that can be tackled by the police, is something that takes a lot of resources to deal with, making it a tough issue to tackle.

Will the Internet Ever Be Safe?

Though there is a lot of risk on the internet, in terms of the threats you might be exposed to because of cyber criminals, you have no need to worry if you’re doing things with added caution. By making sure that the websites you use are authentic and genuine, you’ll be able to reduce a lot of the risk on your part. If you are worried about using the internet, you can make an attempt at keeping yourself safe, with the use of an effective anti-virus, of which can protect your computer, and the files found on it.

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