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Not Likely in the iPhone 6: Five Android-Exclusive Features

Apple has done an unparalleled job at taking the most useful and convenient features of smartphones and refining the user experience to make them more usable, minimalistic, and consistent to their branding. This has been a key factor to their incredible success, but there are still some features that are solely in the realm of Android smartphones.

Apple vs AndroidAndroid phones are not made by a single company or have a single line of models like Apple does, there are many features that have become commonplace to Android devices, partially due to the consistent iOS. Some of these features are quite new, but others have been in place for at least one or two iPhone iterations. Here are some of these popular Android features that are unlikely to be found in the iPhone 6.

Voice Over LTE Technology

VoLTE is wireless communication technology that provides high definition voice on some of the latest Android devices. This technology is an improvement on VoIP communications and is available on a select number of newer Android smartphones.Considering Apple’s track record of relying on slightly older wireless technology, it seems unlikely that VoLTE will appear on the iPhone 6.

Infrared Technology

The ability to turn an Android smartphone into a universal remote is simple, as the infrared signal most devices are capable of emitting can function in the same wavelength. By downloading an IR remote app, Android users are able to avoid hotel room remote controls and can give up on digging in the couch for a lost remote.

MicroSD Storage Expansion

Android and Windows phones feature MicroSD card slots that can allow a user to easily and dramatically increase the amount of available storage – simply copy and paste the contents into the appropriate folder and pop in the card. Apple is more likely to continue their trend of charging higher costs for models with more memory, rather than include a MicroSD slot.

Long Battery Life

The extended battery lives of the latest Android models afford days’ worth of emergency battery through company-specific features. Apple has yet to implement a battery life that rivals these new standards of full-day heavy smartphone use.

Near-Field Connectivity (NFC)

NFC features and apps require only a simple tap of the smartphone to make a payment with a credit card, or change a wireless radio station, or many other cool functions not available without the NFC broadcasting function. Apple has yet to implement the feature into any of their devices, despite its existence in Android phones since 2010.

Test the Features For Yourself

Do these features trump the iPhone 6 in your view? Find out with some hands-on experience. Check your local Verizon store before heading over to check out these features so you can consider all alternative options when the iPhone 6 arrives. After all, a fully informed consumer is a happy consumer.

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