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Next ‘Skylanders’ Game ‘Trap Team’ Out This October

Since 2011, Activision’s Skylanders series has dazzled younger video game players by bringing collectible to toys to life on the TV screen.This year, the video game publisher wants to do the opposite.

Skylanders' game 'Trap Team

With the launch of Skylanders: Trap Team on October 5, players will encounter a variety of opponents that they can collect from the video inside a toy trap.

Trap Team will feature a new portal, where players place their collectible toys so they appear in the video game. The portal includes what looks like a small prison cell with input to place a trap.

“We feel like what got us here (are) these breakthrough innovations, these wow moments, that we bring to kids,” said Eric Hirshberg, President and CEO of Activision Publishing.

The game features key Skylanders nemesis Kaos, who discovers the secret Cloudcracker Prison, home to the most powerful villains. After the prison is destroyed and its inhabitants freed, players must capture them using special traps made of the magical material Traptanium.

More than 40 villains are available for capture with the traps, which will be available in Starter version of Trap Team and sold separately. The traps are based on one of eight elements, so the villain must match the trap type before players can capture them.

The new portal includes an audio speaker, so players can hear the voices of newly captured villains as if they’re talking from inside their prison cell. After villains are captured, players can use them by inserting the trap into a slot on the portal.

Trap Team also introduces a new set of Skylanders: the Trap Masters. Each character has a weapon made of Traptanium that helps in capturing wanted villains. The figurines carry massive, colorful weapons, and are slightly larger than standard Skylanders toys. For example, the crocodile Snapshot uses a large bow and arrow, while Wallop wields a pair of hammers.

The game will also include new standard Skylanders, and action figures from earlier titles will be compatible with Trap Team.

Skylanders has become a massive hit for Activision. Through the end of last year, the Skylanders franchise topped $2 billion in sales.

Hirshberg says the publisher wants each new release of Skylanders to go beyond adding new levels or characters. “Our strategy needs to be one of persistent innovation.”

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