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New Technology That Is Helping To Reduce Insurance Premiums

Everyone that has ever received a car insurance quote has experienced the same dejected feeling. Insurance premiums can often come in at an alarming price, especially for the youngest drivers. We all know that various factors affect the cost of our auto insurance policy. Everything from our age, experience and type of car we drive plays a part in the quote. Insurance is not only a factor for individual drivers, it’s hitting businesses hard too.

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Although you can’t change your age or driving experience, there are a few ways to help lower your car insurance premium. They involve the clever use of technology within our cars. Many car owners and lots of businesses are already employing these techniques. In many cases it can slash the cost of your premium. Today we’re investigating how exactly this technology is helping.

Insurance companies quote their prices based on the risk factor involved with your driving. One of the biggest areas of insurance centers around the placement of blame. For example, if you are the cause of an accident, your insurance company must pay out for the damages. Proving fault can often be difficult and leads to long and expensive claims processes. Installing a camera on your dashboard is radically improving this. With a dash cam, blame is much easier to place as it records the accident as it happens. As a driver, if you install one, your insurance will go down.

A relatively new initiative is creeping into driving culture. It’s called ‘the black box’ and it aims to identify good drivers from the bad. Previously, drivers have been categorised by age, location and experience. There was no consideration for driving ability. The experts at http://insure-fleet.co.uk/courier-fleet-insurance/ tell us the black box will change all that. As a driver, you’d install the black box for a short period of time. It would analyse your driving style. It would take into account speed, braking and steering agility. The best drivers are rewarded with lower insurance quotes.

One thing that insurers take very seriously is theft. If there is a high risk of your car or van being stolen, your insurers will put a heavy price on it. To help lower the risk, you can install GPS tracking systems into your vehicle. In the event of a theft, you can track down and reclaim your vehicle. That means significantly less risk for the insurance company and a cheaper quote for you.

Safety is the final consideration for insurers. They need to know that your car is safe and under control. When you purchase a car with strong safety technology, your insurance will be cheaper. Features like stability control and traction control actively help you avoid accidents. They apply small amounts of braking to individual tyres to help you stay in control of the car. It increases your chances of avoiding a collision by aiding your evasive maneuvers.

Insurers love any technology that makes you and your car safer, smarter and more secure. Try including one of these new technologies into your driving life and see the difference. For more affordable insurance quotes, you may consult an Independent Auto Agent for more info.

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