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New Tech Companies to Watch Out For

New technology companies are springing up all of the time. Some of them make huge impacts on the world, while others drift off into obscurity. Having an idea as to which tech companies you should watch out for can benefit you in many ways. Tech companies normally help to make something in our lives a little easier, and if you know which new tools are on the way, you can use them to improve your personal life or your business. Below are some relatively new tech companies that you should be on the lookout for, as you never know when you might need their services.


  1. Sqeeqee – Pronounced “squeaky”, this website and mobile app allows its users to monetize their social networking. Whether you are doing it for yourself, or for a business, if you have a social media following you can use it to generate income. Sqeeqee makes this incredible simple, allowing you to perform all of your different social media and monetizing actions in one convenient place. It also helps you to search out new sources of revenue, and reach audiences you hadn’t previously. In a world where practically everyone is on social media, having a simple way to make money from that is going to be big.
  2. ZocDoc – ZocDoc was founded right at the perfect time. ZocDoc makes it easy for you to find a local doctor and set up appointments based on your insurance company. ZocDoc started up right before the Affordable Care Act was implemented, and now it is more vital than ever. With ZocDoc’s mobile app you can quickly find an in-network doctor on the go, using a map of your area, and even read patient reviews of that doctor. This allows you to get the best possible care, quickly and efficiently. 
  3. LocalVox – When you are a local business, it can be hard to compete with larger companies in your area. They have the budget and the resources to out-market you, and this will drive customers to them rather than you. The goal of LocalVox is to help these small business market in their areas. They state their mission as “to help local businesses market themselves in an online world that has become too fragmented and complex for them to manage.” With their simple tools and helpful assistance, you can go back to worrying about other things in your company, and let them take care of the marketing. 
  4. Taboola – Lastly, we have Taboola. Chances are, you have already seen them around. On many websites you will find links at the end of the article to other sites you may find interesting. This is what Taboola does. It connects users with content they might light, publishers with a way to monetize their sites, and companies with a way to brand themselves to their preferred audience. With the system that Taboola has set up, everyone wins, making it no wonder that it has grown as large as it has. As content becomes more important on the web, look for Taboola to grow even more over the next few years.
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