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New Products: Panasonic Dock Lets Your Smartphone Rest

That iPhone 5 that goes with you everywhere needs a welcoming place to hang around when you get home. Panasonic’s KX-PRL262B Dock Style Telephone system provides a handy resting spot. Not only can the phone be recharged via the system’s Lightning connection, but it also can stream audio – including conversations – through the system’s built-in speaker and cordless handset. Not sure why you would want to do so, but you can use the handset as a remote control to adjust the volume, pause a song or skip a track on your iPhone.Qube-Silver

The system also can send text message alerts, share phone book entries and announce IDs for incoming cell phone calls. This version is compatible with the iPhone 5/5s and Lightning-connected iPod touch and iPad Mini devices. A similar model, the KX-PRD262B Dock-Style phone, works with Bluetooth phones with USB connections. Both models can be preordered for April delivery for about $200.


Chances are one of your octogenarian relatives had a hi-fi stereo system way back during the Kennedy administration. The accompanying speakers were so big they were almost considered furniture. Fast-forward to 2014 and the pocket-sized Qube2 portable speaker. The mini speaker weighs just 0.5 pounds, making it light enough to throw in a purse, stuff in a pocket or even clip to a keychain. The six-watt speaker has a Bluetooth range of about 30 feet. Available in red, black, silver, blue and purple with an aluminum finish, the Matrix Audio device ships with a hand strap and carrying pouch. It costs about $80.


Have you ever shown a video at work? It wasn’t so long ago that to do so, you’d have to call Ned from the IT department and have him lug a projector into the conference room. Now, whether you want to display a video at work or anywhere else, you can do so from your laptop or mobile device with a little assist from FAVI Entertainment’s Wi-Fi-enabled Pico+ Projector with Miracast and Airplay wireless display. A bit bigger than a cellphone, the portable projector lets you project images from your phone, tablet or laptop on up to a 100-inch projector screen. The device has a 5000mAH battery that can deliver up to three hours of playback and also double as a charger for your mobile device. With 85 lumens of brightness and a native resolution of 858 by 480 pixels, the projector promises to deliver respectable, albeit not eye-popping images. In addition to having a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot for wireless connections, the device also can handle HDMI connections from your TV, Blu-Ray player and game console as well as data stored on a USB drive or SD card. The FAVI Pico+ projector will be available next month for about $300.


STM’s Grip 2 Protective Case for the iPad Air delivers solid protection without bulking up the tablet’s thin profile. Its polycarbonate covering provides a surface that’s easy to grip, reducing the likelihood of unexpected drops. The case has a wide and sturdy kickstand that can be adjusted to suit different viewing needs. Open or closed, it provides easy access to key ports and controls. It can be purchased for less than $45.

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