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New Cable Streaming Service To Revolutionize The Way We Watch TV

Our relationship with the television has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. The chief reason for this is the internet. The latest news involving giant Comcast could be about to alter our viewing habits once more.

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Essentially, the largest broadcasting and cable company in America has announced plans to usher in a new era. The soon to be tested service is called Stream. It will allow viewers to stream their television package through any internet device. Granted, there are already similar services by certain channels. However, this would enable users to access their entire package through one App.

We are no longer restricted to watching our favourite programmes as they are broadcast. On Demand services allow viewers to catch up on the latest episodes after the original showing. In fact, you can even watch them on your laptop of tablet devices.

The ability to watch video content on our smaller devices has completely changed everything. Subscription services like Netflix enable users to watch the latest films on their computers. The progressive climate has already led to the death of large cable packages. The Comcast announcement could soon see another major change in our relationship with TV.

Stream is still a work in progress, and only allows viewers to access channels while inside their home. Comcast already boasts over 500,000 Wi-Fi hot spots across America, so that could soon change. Could it soon be possible to watch all of our favourite TV from out iPads while sitting on the train?

Naturally, Comcast would need to take measures to avoid abuse of the technology. But there’s a possibility that we may soon be able to access our favourite shows from anywhere in the country. Live. It’s an exciting time for any television lover. This is especially true for the younger generation. They are already acclimatised to the idea of watching videos primarily through a computer. Surely they’ll embrace this breakthrough with open arms.

The internet is now more important than ever. It plays a much bigger part of our daily routines than any other generation. And that trend is only set to continue. TV is by no means dead, but finding a way to win over the evolving audience is key. It looks as though Comcast has found a way.

Major organisations are rarely dumb. It will be no surprise to hear that Stream will only be available to those with a Comcast broadband package. At a time where most households have an internet connection, this is a very smart move by the company. If you aren’t already a customer, you should find out if Comcast Internet service is available in your area. You may also contact reliable cable tv services as well as your trusted internet providers in your area.

It looks like this development will spark a new relationship between television and viewers. TV isn’t the family social event it once was. Nowadays, we are more likely to discuss shows with social media rather than our friends. It should be no shock that accessing our live cable packages including news, education and movie channels through the internet is the next stage in our viewer habits.

The future is here. Be excited.

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