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Move Over Google, Apple’s Electric Car Wants To Overtake You!

It’s a well-known fact that Google are investing in vehicle technology. From self-driving cars to navigation systems. The search giant is making a name for itself in the automotive industry.

But it seems that Google isn’t the only tech company getting involved with cars! It turns out that the rumor mill is rife with chatter about Apple building an electric car! So, is there any truth in the rumors flying around about the Apple electric car?

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And is it going to get called the Apple Car? Or the Apple eCar? Maybe it might even get called the Apple iCar? Let’s discuss what we know about the rumors so far…

Codename Titan

Although unconfirmed, there are rumors that Apple is working on a project codenamed Titan. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Cupertino firm have hundreds of people working on an EV. And it’s a project Tim Cook gave the green light for almost a year ago.

The story goes that Apple isn’t working on an autonomous vehicle. Driverless cars are something Google has made no secret about working on in recent years. Instead, the company is aiming to build an electric car in the future.

Why is Apple working on an electric car?

Technology is at the core of Apple in the 21st century. They want to get seen as innovators and leaders, rather than a company that follows what others do.

In many ways, it makes sense for Apple to work on an electric vehicle. First, there’s the Apple CarPlay system. In case you hadn’t heard, CarPlay is a way for iOS users to link their devices to their car’s infotainment systems.

The company have teamed up with several car makers to install CarPlay technology as standard in new models. Some of the Mercedes-Benz cars on sale at motorlinedirect.co.uk might even have CarPlay!

Building a car, in particular, an electric vehicle, makes sense as it’s a new source of revenue for Apple. If they decide to build an electric vehicle, they may need to work with a provider of lithium metal production technology to create the battery components for the car.

How likely is it that the rumor is true?

The thing about rumors is that you can’t always assume that they are fact. Even if they start from otherwise credible sources. By their very nature, Apple is a secretive company. They hate telling people about what they’re working on.

So the only way we can find out is details get leaked from an insider. Intentionally or otherwise. It may well be true that Apple is working on an electric car. But that doesn’t mean it’s something that will become their next production project.

Apple have shelved many projects in the past. And if this happens to be one of those projects, the good news is the work may still live on in other forms. For example, technicians might use the technology they develop for other future projects.

We will have to play the waiting game to find out whether Apple is moving forward with their plans to create an electric car. If, indeed, they are doing that at all! Still, there’s no smoke without fire, as they say!

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