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Mercedes Announce Apple Watch Integration And Continue To Lead The Car Technology Field

Mercedes have always been a manufacturer of high regard. The Mercedes badge is a mark of reputation and status. Their cars are classy, sophisticated and stylish. They are an object of desire and lust in the auto world. They also carry another reputation, a reputation for technology. Mercedes regularly push the boundaries of what is possible in the tech sphere.

Last week, they announced that the new S-Class will feature Apple Watch integration. They are the first manufacturer to claim any co-operation with the Apple Watch. It’s a bold move. It’s also an exciting one. It’s the first glimpse of the practical applications of the watch, and one we had not expected.

Merc Badge

Apple Watch Integration

Only a handful of cars can even claim to integrate the iPhone or smartphones effectively. Despite this, Mercedes are already looking ahead to the next generation. It’s an impressive leap when we are yet to see how the watch will perform on the market. The connection will aid navigation, as the watch will hook up with the Mercedes COMAND system. It will integrate with the navigation by providing walking directions. Then the car will take over, completing the journey to the destination.

It’s a compelling and intriguing use of Apple’s new wearable technology. But, how else are Mercedes leading the field in technology?

Autonomous driving

Mercedes are widely considered the world leaders in terms of autonomous driving. These are the cars that drive themselves without human interruption. Even their older models feature early elements of this technology. Look at the used C-Class offers at Inchcape for example, and you’ll see adaptive cruise control as standard. This cruise control has since evolved into fully autonomous, driverless cars. Mercedes have reported that their cars have driven the length of the USA, without a driver, under test conditions. The only thing holding this back from mainstream viability is the federal law!

Pedestrian detection and night vision

The new generation of C-Class and S-Class models come complete with night vision and collision detection. They have the ability to detect and automatically avoid pedestrians and other road hazards. A Mercedes car can think and act faster than a human. In the dark it uses night vision to show the road ahead and behind, highlighting hazards along the way. Mercedes’ collision detection system is the most advanced in the world. It will sense a potential collision and apply autonomous braking to separate wheels. Doing so will minimise the potential damage to drivers and their vehicles.

Virtual Dashboards

The concept of infotainment is a relatively new one in the car world. Touch Screen GPS and controls are years behind existing smartphone technology. Except, of course, in Mercedes’ secret labs! Their recent virtual dashboards are the most sophisticated on the planet. All the dials are entirely digital, forgoing analogue displays at every turn. As we learnt before, this is what allows them to connect seamlessly with Apple Watch. No other car manufacturer is currently offering this technology.

When it comes to looking to the future, Mercedes are at the forefront of car technology. Not only that, but they have the class and sophistication that only Mercedes provide. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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