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Make 2016 the Year Your Business Becomes Energy-efficient

Energy efficiency is becoming more and more important to businesses everywhere. Customers want to see that companies are making an effort. And business owners want to save themselves some money. 2016 is sure to be the year when even more brands make a point to be as eco-friendly as possible. Many are finding interesting new ways to save on energy and water, as well as reduce waste. Any entrepreneurs who are looking to go green can learn from the companies who have already done it. Watch emerging trends to see which methods work well. You’ll also see which ones will cost you more than they’ll benefit you. These are the ways you can make your business more energy-efficient in 2016.

energy saving light bulbs

Energy-efficient Lights

Homes and businesses have been using energy-efficient light bulbs for a long time. The first ones weren’t too popular, as they were often slow to turn on and weak. Now many people favor LED or CFL bulbs, which use less energy while still being incredibly bright. However, recent changes mean that the incandescent light bulb may be making a comeback. MIT has developed an energy-efficient bulb which may rival LEDs. The new bulbs have a filament surrounded by a crystal structure. They are designed to bounce back escaping energy. They’re more efficient than LEDs, but whether they would be cheaper is another matter. You can read more about them at http://news.mit.edu/2016/.

Energy-efficient Equipment

Apart from bulbs, there are other electrical items that can be more efficient. Luckily, much of the equipment you need in the office is now much more efficient than it used to be. You should look for the Energy Star label on appliances and other items to check their efficiency. Don’t forget to keep everything in the office eco-friendly. This includes your kitchen appliances, such as microwaves. Some items will have settings so they can turn off if you leave them alone for a certain amount of time.

Renewable Energy

Some businesses might be prepared to consider using renewable energy sources. There are several choices that are easy to install and maintain. Many companies are happy to use solar energy, heat pumps, and other forms of renewable energy. If you wish to know more about solar energy, visit Energy Renovation Center now!

Finding a contractor install solar, heat pump repair, or wind energy for your business is as simple as a quick search. You can use the tool at http://electricalconnection.org/find-contractor/ to look for one. Changing the energy you use can be expensive initially, but over time, it can save you a lot. It’s also better for the environment and reducing your carbon footprint. Not only is it a charitable thing to do, but it makes you look good to your customers too.

Staff and Customer Responsibility

Part of being more energy efficient involves asking both your personnel and customers to be more responsible. You can have an employee policy on energy and water use to encourage less waste. For example, you can make sure that lights and computers are turned off when they aren’t needed. You can give your staff a printing policy to make sure they only use the printers and photocopiers when it’s necessary. You can also ask your customers to do their bit by helping you out too. For example, if you run a hotel, you can ask guests to keep their towels to reduce laundry loads. You can also do things like installing energy-efficient hand dryers or automatic faucets with timers.

Maintain Systems and Equipment

You could be wasting money and energy if you’re not keeping your premises maintained. Even a dripping tap or pipe could be losing water, or a struggling heater could use too much energy. If you want to reduce your bills, you should try to keep your systems and equipment maintained. Some of the things you can do include regular checks and repairs of your heating and air conditioning systems. You should ensure that your boiler or furnace is working as it should do and that your air-conditioner is clean. Making sure that boiler repair professionals take a look at your boiler and provide regular maintenance to ensure it runs as well as it can will only help in your home’s efficiency.

The condition of your building can make a difference too. For example, if the office doesn’t keep heat in, you will have to spend more trying to keep it warm. Visit sites like https://globalcoolingair.com/air-conditioning-service/ac-tune-up/ for professional help on HVAC systems if you need something like an ac repair. If you’re looking for Texoma HVAC specialists, you may hire someone from companies like All Seasons HVAC Services.

Save Water

Saving water can also help you to save energy. When you use hot water, it needs to heat up, whether it sits in a tank or heats on-demand. This action requires energy, and the more hot water you use, the more energy you need. A Water Tank is an effective solution to this problem; it can help control your water temperature and save energy, while also providing a much safer water supply. There are lots of ways your business can save water, depending on what you do. If you have a kitchen, you can have policies for reducing water waste. The same goes for bathrooms, where you can use flow restrictors and other gadgets. You can also lessen the use of water for appliances, such as dishwashers or washing machines. Learn more about saving water at http://wateruseitwisely.com/100-ways-to-conserve/.

Limit Printing

Many offices used to do a lot of printing, but it’s now easy to reduce the amount that you do. It’s no longer necessary to have everything printed onto paper. For example, many companies now use cloud services to store files. They make it easier to share and collaborate on work. There’s no need to print or photocopy something twenty times. The best way to reduce the amount people print is to put a policy in place. Encourage everyone to email and share things online before they go to the printer for a paper copy. When printers aren’t in use, they should be off or in sleep mode.

Focus on Small Things

Being more energy-efficient on your business premises largely involves lots of smaller tasks. Although you can do more significant things like replacing your energy sources, there are many less grand gestures you can make. If you focus on achieving these small tasks, you’ll find that they all add up to some big changes. Don’t worry about spending lots of money on being more eco-friendly. You should be able to save money instead.

A green business looks great to eco-conscious consumers. They want to see that you’re making an effort and doing your part. So show that you care about the environment by reducing your energy use.

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