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Jaguar XF Wins Coveted “Executive Car Of The Year” Award For 2014

The Jaguar XF is an executive saloon that has been manufactured by the British carmaker since 2008. Ever since it was first introduced to the market, it has quickly risen to become a firm favourite with many a company director, high-ranking manager or even with the discerning individual motorist.

Jaguar XF

Aside from the standard saloon, there have been a few variations and special editions of the Jaguar XF over the years, ranging from a variant of the XF Diesel S for the UK police market, through to the insanely-quick Sportbrake and XFR-S models. So it comes as no surprise that the popularity of this British-built executive car is an award winner!

2014 Executive Car of the Year

The Coventry-based firm recently announced that it had won the coveted the coveted title of “Executive Car of the Year” for 2014, for the third year running! For three years now, this superb car has been reigning supreme over its rivals such as the BMW 5 Series, from whom it took the title back in 2012.

Jaguar Land Rover’s corporate sales manager, Jonathan Wackett, was happy to receive the trophy from BusinessCar editor Paul Barker for a third successive year. According to Jaguar, Mr. Barker had said that the Jaguar XF car is “constantly evolving”, making it a hit with fleet operators across the United Kingdom.

Why the Jaguar XF is a massive hit with fleet operators

It is no secret that fleet operators look to cars which deliver maximum comfort and performance, yet are extremely economical on fuel – factors which are clearly driving up the number of sales for Jaguar Cars for the XF model!

Indeed, Jaguar’s managing director, Jeremy Hicks, has gone on record to say that the Jaguar XF is an example of the “increasing focus on the fleet market” that the executive carmaker is proving to be progressively successful in.

He also added that their “use of advanced manufacturing and powertrain technologies” are just some of the reasons why the Jaguar XF has strong customer appeal and is meeting the needs of today’s business arena.

The Jaguar XF 2.2d: the right blend of performance and fuel economy?

For example, the Jaguar XF 2.2d is an excellent example of how performance and fuel economy really can have a fine blend. That particular model is powered by a 2.2-litre TDi4 engine which boasts an impressive 160 brake horsepower, and has a top speed of 130mph.

You might be forgiven for thinking that it’s a thirsty diesel that will cost a fortune to tax, but actually it has carbon emissions of just 129g/km, and that equates to just £105 a year for vehicle excise duty. Jaguar has also stated that the official combined fuel economy of this model is a jaw-dropping 57.7mpg!

A hit for used car buyers

It’s not just fleet operators that will benefit from the Jaguar XF, because various dealerships that specialise in used cars are reporting that secondhand XFs are selling like hotcakes!

You only have to check out the used XF’s at HA Fox to see how quickly the used XFs are selling there, so if you want a used XF for yourself, it is obviously that you need to snap one up sooner rather than later!

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