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Industries That Are Thriving In The Modern World

News headlines regularly report the failing of industry. You need only glance at recent stories to see that oil prices are crashing, and the mining industry is struggling. However, it’s not all doom and gloom out there. Some industries are thriving; many are exploding. Today, we’re looking away from the negative news headlines, and towards a more positive outlook. We’re exploring the companies and startups that are driving our next generation. There’s an exciting world out there, when you know where to look.

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If you’re looking to make a career change, or start a new business, these are the best industries to start with. They’re building revenue at an astonishing rate, and setting up the foundations for the future. Now is a great time to jump on board, and find your own unique way of getting involved. Don’t be disheartened by the headlines of recessions and industry failure. Instead, look to those sectors that are booming, in spite of economic conditions. Let’s take a deeper look.

Technology – We’ll start with the broad spectrum of technology. Further down this list, we’ll dig deeper into some of the specific tech sectors. But first, we must look at the overall industry, which is incredibly successful. Most of the biggest companies on the planet are now tech companies. Simply look at the likes of Google, Apple, and Facebook. These companies have set a new tone for business, and dominate the major investment money. Whether it’s computing, social media, or virtual reality, technology is (and will remain) the most important sector of our generation. It’s not easy to come up with a hit tech product, but the rewards are rich if you do!

Renewable energy – There’s never been a better time to get involved with renewable energy. The world’s leaders came together in Paris in December to pledge enormous changes in the battle against climate change. Traditional coal and oil industries will slowly be phased out in favour of renewable energy sources. In particular, the solar power industry is thriving. (See http://bigthink.com/think-tank/ray-kurzweil-solar-will-power-the-world-in-16-years for more information). As the renewable energy of choice, solar panels have been adopted by all major governments and businesses. Hydropower is also thriving, powering 20% of China’s economy alone.

Electronics and computing – Since the 1980s, computing and electronics has established itself as the dominant industry. What started as a bespoke industry is now in every home in the western world. This looks set to expand further as experiment with new gadgets and computers. Silicon chips, semiconductors, and programming will continue to provide the foundation, and these businesses will thrive. These companies include the likes of Siemens, Intel, and IBM.

Some traditional manufacturing – Despite the worrisome headlines about the future of oil and mining, some traditional manufacturers are thriving. Metal work, for instance, still provides the backbone of our economy and industry. Take a look at the metal pressing process over at https://winward.co.uk/metal-pressing/. As you can see, this is still a vital industry for automotive bodywork and structural engineering. If you’re looking for a strong traditional industry to invest in or build a business, this is it.

Fraud services – It’s impossible to ignore some of the large scale cyber-attacks recently. Some of the biggest communication companies were involved in high-profile hackings. Most recently, Vodafone and Talktalk were targeted. On a personal level, individuals are worried about identity fraud more than ever. Fraud prevention and detection services are currently eating up venture capital money, and the growth is thriving. It’s a much-needed industry in the modern world, and it’s expanding fast.

Artificial intelligence – Depending on how you look at it, AI is either fascinating or terrifying. Perhaps it’s a little bit of both! However, whether we like it or not, the industry is on the verge of an enormous breakthrough. The likes of virtual assistants such as Siri and Windows’ Cortana are early examples of AI. Over the next decade, these systems will become smarter and more intuitive. They’ll expand to every aspect of our lives, including our cars and home entertainment. We are only just exploring the practical applications, and the future looks fascinating in the world of AI.

Engineering – Engineering is another traditional industry that shows no sign of failure. In fact, it is thriving by all accounts. As our population grows, the demand for building and civil engineering grows stronger. We’ll always need roads, bridges, skyscrapers and homes. And that means we’ll always need engineering. The same goes for transportation; the demand for planes and next-generation cars is growing. Engineering will continue to power these industries for a long time to come.

Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing is a relatively new concept, still in its infancy. However, it is showing promising signs of life, and significant potential. With our ever-connected world, we can now call up on the crowd to help businesses thrive. A simple example of this is the open-source app market. Anyone can create an app using open-source technology, and publish it on the app store. Companies that are able to harness this power of the crowd will be able to produce the highest quality products at the cheapest prices.

Social gaming – We all know that social media is an incredibly lucrative and successful industry. But, it begs the question: what’s next? How do we improve and expand on the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest? Well, it seems that the next big model is the incorporation of gaming. Gaming itself, via apps and consoles, is fantastically lucrative. The industry itself is thriving. However, incorporating gaming into social media is the one aspect that will bring both worlds together. The likes of Candy Crush were the first to experiment, but trust us, the integration will soon go much deeper.

Alcohol industry – As with any industry, there are one or two alcohol giants. There are two companies that own almost 70% of all alcohol production. That has forced an entire cottage industry of smaller, bespoke alcohol companies. Cask ales and bespoke cider is thriving, and bars are demanding more products like this. It’s a great industry to begin a new venture!

Ignore the doom-casting headlines, and look to those industries that are booming. As you can see, there are plenty of them!

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