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I Spy With My Little AI: Intelligent Security

Cyber security has had a renewed uprising, over the last few years. With loads of important leaks and hacks, as well as malware costing millions, it’s easy to see why governments and companies care so much about their security. In recent years, it’s started to feel like the criminals were winning. But, now, new tools promise to turn the tables on those looking to steal data they don’t own, and it comes in the form of machine learning and AI. To give you an idea of the scope of this technology, this post will be going through some of the ways it’s already being used.

My Little AI

  • Battling New Trends

One of the biggest issues security experts have is that they are battling an ever changing foe. As software and hardware are made, criminals quickly find ways to compromise and exploit anything they can. Using a computer which can learn by itself, though, it’s much easier to keep up with trends. A system designed to predict changes in cyber crime will be most effective in tandem with a quantum computer. This sort of machine is much better at running through multiple scenarios than a parallel system, making the process much faster.

Along with criminal activity impacting cyber security, the way that users use the web also impacts the way that it’s secured. Using different websites, file types, and encryption methods all change the way that criminals can access your data. Like the adaptation predicted in criminal behaviour, AI tools are also very good at guessing which issues could be caused by the people on the web. This sort of resource isn’t just good for security, though, as it can also be used to make predict marketing and social media trends, too.

  • Recognising The World

One of the key limitations of a CCTV system is that it doesn’t notice when something is wrong. Instead, it will simply record the area it’s pointed at until it’s moved somewhere else. This can make it hard to use this sort of device effectively, as it won’t be able to let you know when things are going wrong. Modern software has changed this, though, giving you the chance to have cameras which can recognise things like missing objects, new faces, and even the identity of the people on your property.

Technology like this is perfect during operations like manhunts. Identity verification leveraging machine learning and data science is much more effective at assisting this sort of work than normal CCTV, as it can work together with any other system in the area. Using an array of security cameras as well as home security systems, law enforcement would have a resource better than eyewitnesses, as they would get the information they need instantly.

  • The Extremes

Of course, like any area of technology, when looking at artificial intelligence, there are a lot of uses for it which most would consider very extreme. These vary from some which are bad, to others which could change the world in massive ways. A couple of examples of these can be found below. These are both possibilities in the near future, so you can expect to see them soon.

A lot of people have already expressed concern about AI being weaponised. In this sort of case, the technology could be used for an array of jobs, from protecting homes against unwanted intruders to waging war without any human casualties. The biggest worry that people have with this is that some countries don’t have the resources that others do. This could lead to governments being able to kill enemy soldiers using robots, keeping their own people out of harm’s way. Of course, though, it’s quite a long time away from terminator-esk uprisings, but it’s worth thinking about this sort of use for AI.

There are some extreme uses for this sort of technology which aren’t designed to destroy, but, rather, to make things a lot safer for people. Companies like BMW have been working for many years to build their own road AI systems which connect cars with all of the other vehicles on the road. Along with driverless technology, this sort of intelligence could enable your motor to avoid a crash simply by knowing the route of another car. Instead of being in its path, you’d be kept out of the way. This could see the roads getting a lot safer, or possibly limiting the risk of collisions entirely.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start looking into the different ways AI and commercial security systems are being used around the world. From video games to complex medical research, machine learning and artificial intelligence are going to become much more important over the next few years. So, it’s worth making sure you’re up to date.

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