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Htc Ocean Note Will Ditch Headphone Jack, Have Curved Screen And Much Improved Camera

We recently reported that Taiwanese news outlet ePrice had received information to confirm there will be three versions of the HTC Ocean unveiled at HTC’s ‘For U’ event on 12 January, with particular focus on the HTC Ocean Note.


Today, the same news outlet has received yet more information regarding the Note, first of which is said to be the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. It’s a highly likely move, not least because other manufacturer such as Apple and maybe even Samsung are doing it, but also because HTC did it with the 10 Evo.

The Ocean Note will, like its Android cousins, use USB Type-C for audio, meaning you’ll need to get yourself a new pair of wired of Bluetooth wireless headphones. To compensate for the lack of headphone jack, HTC is said to be fitting an adaptive audio technology that will automatically adjust audio settings based on any ambient noise.

Another area that HTC is said to be focussing on is the screen. Considering the name, the Note is likely to come with a larger display, perhaps around 5.5 – 5.7-inches. The screen is said to be curved at the edges, much like the Galaxy S7 Edge and to help you protect it from shattering, HTC will sell you an official screen protector.

Finally, the camera will be given some serious attention too. Cameras haven’t always been HTC’s forte. The company has often tried to innovate, such as using UltraPixels that are larger to let in more light, but the results haven’t always been that great. The camera on the Ocean Note however is said to have the highest ranking DxOMark, a feat which is currently held by the Google Pixel with a score of 89, and the pictures that phone produces are amazing.

Other specs and features are expected to include three colour options: black, white and blue, and a MediaTek processor instead of a Snapdragon 835.

Tony Williams
Tony Williams
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