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How Savvy Entrepreneurs Are Cashing In At Internet Cafes

The evolution of the World Wide Web in recent years has meant many people now make a living from the Internet. One such way that savvy entrepreneurs have made money is by setting up Internet cafes.

These are establishments where people can pay to go online, play computer games and have coffee all at the same time.


The late 1990s saw a peak of Internet cafe popularity but, these days, there’s been a noticeable decline in sales. That is mainly because home Internet speeds grew, and technology became more affordable. People spent more time going online at home than out at an Internet cafe.

So, if that’s the case, you might be wondering how savvy entrepreneurs are cashing in on the Internet cafe market?

Fast Internet speeds

Many Internet cafes have gone out of business in recent years. The reason? Because they didn’t offer something consumers couldn’t already get at home. A 20Mb broadband connection is fast when just one person uses it.

But when ten or twenty people use that same connection, everything slows down to a snail’s pace! Existing cafe owners know this is a problem. That’s why they invest in high-speed leased lines and unlimited internet plan that don’t suffer from peak traffic problems.

Fast computers

Today’s quad-core PCs and laptops run at lightning speed in comparison to computers from just five years ago. Internet cafe owners know that people want to get online fast so they must invest in systems with motherboards manufactured by companies like pcb solutions and other computer hardware.

Aside from having a fast Internet connection like fiber internet, they also need to offer consumers speedy systems to use! Solid-state drives, for example, make operating system tasks quicker to run. Extra RAM is useful for launching resource-heavy games and applications.

Fast top-up times

Let’s say you’re travelling by public transport. It’s quicker to swipe a top-up card on a reader by the ticket barrier than to go to a kiosk and pay for a paper ticket.

In comparison, it’s quicker to use a rechargeable card if you’re a regular at an Internet cafe. Workz recharge cards, for example, can get set up with your cafe’s billing systems. Customers can add credit to their accounts online or even through their smartphones.

Comfortable, quiet booths

Consumers want to use computers in relative comfort and privacy. Some may go online just to browse the Web.

But others might want to write documents or use their online banking. If you’re planning on setting up an Internet cafe, it needs to offer customers seclusion from others in the same room.

Drinks and snacks

Many people want something to drink and a bite to eat when they visit an Internet cafe. Especially if they intend on spending a long period using the computer. One of the biggest failings of some Internet cafes is not offering a good choice of drinks and snacks to customers!

Your Internet cafe should have a hot drinks machine capable of serving a variety of coffee, tea and hot chocolate drinks. You should also give the choice of different cold drinks like sodas and fruit juices.

As for food you can hire food stalls, a range of confectionery and hot snacks wouldn’t go amiss. Once you have all those ingredients (excuse the pun), you’ll have a successful Internet cafe!

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