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How Incredible Tech Is Improving The Building Industry

It’s strange that when you talk about technology these days, you automatically think of somebody hunched over a computer developing a new program. We seem to have forgotten that technology is far more than that, and it affects almost everything we see and do, not just computers.

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In recent years, technology in the building industry has come on in leaps and bounds. We thought we would take a look at how this boon has led to a safer working environment, and how it has helped tradesmen, home architecture services, and the construction industry work faster.


For large scale projects that need a lot of survey work done, the Leica Pegasus: Two has really quickened up the work process. It is a 360-degree spherical camera that can be mounted on the top of a car. As the car drives around, it takes images and scans the area. The result? Ready made plans for surveyors and architects to look at when planning any major building work. It certainly beats going around on foot with a camera and a tape measure!

Concrete Printing

3D printing has enabled many people to come up with some very cool – and not so cool – ideas. And while concrete printing may not sound all that interesting, it is going to lead to some great developments in the building industry. The reason? To order concrete for building work can take weeks, but 3D printing could shave that timescale down to just hours. And where there is time saved, there is money saved, too.


Even at the ground level of the tradespeople doing the finishing work, technology is having a positive effect. Efficiency and safety are being improved on a yearly basis. Take the Mirage drill bit from Quickgrind, for example. It’s small, and you could be forgiven for thinking it is just another tool. But it cuts down on cutting cycle times for titanium 6AL-4V bits by around 50%. And the less time that builders are spending cutting and drilling, the less likely they are to have an accident.

Going Green

The construction industry is also benefiting from some amazing advancements in green technology. Wherever you build a new home, you can guarantee that there will be something to dispose of before you can get started. It might mean tearing down an old house and barn or ripping out foundations and having an excavation. All that waste material needs to be disposed of properly, and this takes time and money. However, new materials are being created that are completely biodegradable. These materials will break down themselves over time, and not release the toxic debris into the earth or environment. It’s a far safer way of building that has never been tried before now. Metal construction materials such as Metal Shims for Foundation Leveling are also gaining popularity because of their durability and recyclability.

Do you work in the construction industry? If so, how has technology improved the work that you do? We’re also interested to hear of any ways that your job has become safer through technology. Feel free to leave a comment and share your knowledge.

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