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Google Pixel Has A New Major Camera Problem

Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL have proven to produce stunning photos and videos with their 12.3MP cameras. However, the cameras may not be free from flaws. A new issue has surfaced recently and it has something to do with how the Pixel cameras cause the camera app to lock and produce pink and purple lines on the screen.

Google PixelGoogle Pixel

The new issue with the Pixel cameras is being reported by numerous users on Google’s own forum page. The first post to report the issue was published back in late October, and now the forum thread is full of the same complaints, according to 9To5Google.

For some reason, the camera app would simply just freeze as users start to take a picture. What’s more alarming is that the camera app would then display mysterious pink and purple lines across the screen. In some cases, taking videos are also affected by the same issue.

It looks like the problem mostly affects Google’s pre-installed camera app on the international version of the smaller 5-inch Pixel. But some users are also reporting that the problem is also affecting some third-party apps that use the camera of the Pixel XL.

Mike Fox, the first person to report the issue back in October, said that Google actually provided him with a replacement Pixel. Unfortunately for him, the replacement model that he got still came with the same issue.

As of writing, Google has not publicly addressed the new complaints that have now flooded the forums page. However, one of the users on the forum did say that he was already contacted by Google via email this Thursday. The user, with the handle Big Al, said that his case has already been assigned to Google’s advanced hardware team.

Although there’s no clear evidence as to what is causing the new pink and purple lines issue, it’s possible that this is a hardware failure, as speculated by TechnoBuffalo. The camera module might not be properly connected and the issue could have manifested when the phone was dropped.

If this is really a hardware issue, Google won’t be able to fix this by pushing out another software update. For users, this could potentially mean that they would have to purchase a new phone if they can’t have it fixed.

Back in October, the company quickly responded to complaints regarding the Pixel and Pixel XL cameras producing halo-like lens flares when taking photos. The company has already promised to push out a software update that will include an algorithm that will fix the lens flare issue.

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Tony Williams
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