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Galaxy S8 Rumoured To Be The First Smartphone With 8GB Ram

One of the key features that could make Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 an even more powerful device is the higher memory. According to a Weibo posting spotted by T3, the new S series handset could see a significant memory jump. The device could pack an 8GB RAM, which would make it the world’s first flagship smartphone with such a high memory.

Galaxy S8

Not much is known about how the functionality of the phone would improve with an 8GB RAM. This year’s Galaxy S7, for a comparison, has 4GB RAM, whereas last year’s S6 had 3GB of memory.

Smartphones from other manufacturers which are rumoured to be equipped with 8GB RAM are OnePlus 4 and Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook.

The S8 could also have an S Pen as an external accessory, another disclosure suggested. So far, the S Pen functionality was limited to Galaxy Note series but with the S8, Samsung fans might get to see change in the trend.

The Galaxy S8 is expected to come in two variants – one with Snapdragon 835 chip featuring an octa-core processor and the other one with Samsung’s home grown Exynos chip. Both would be manufactured using 10nm architecture. It could sport 4K display, enhanced camera and bigger battery.

To more about Samsung’s S series premium handset we will have to wait for the official launch, which could happen either at the 2017 Mobile World Congress event in February or at the New York event in April.

Tony Williams
Tony Williams
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