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Facebook Adds Privacy Features To Log Ins

Facebook users will get more privacy control with a new Anonymous Login feature and some changes announced Wednesday in how the existing Facebook login works.

The Anonymous-Login

At its developers conference, the social networking giant unveiled new privacy features that let you decide how much information you want to share with apps for games and such that you use inside Facebook and a new dashboard for managing app permissions.

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Among new features announced Wednesday:

— Anonymous Login. Will let you try an app without sharing any of your personal information from Facebook. The company is testing it with a few developers and will roll it out further in coming months.

It’s a “hassle-free to log in and try apps,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said as he addressed developers at the company’s f8 conference here.

You can decide later if you want to log in with your full Facebook credentials, he said, describing the tool as a way “to try apps without fear.:

— Facebook login. Now gives you the option to fine tune what information apps get about you. In a blog post on the announcement, the company noted that in 2013 people logged into apps and websites using their Facebook login credentials more than 10 billion times.

Now when you do that, you’ll be able to choose just what data an app gets by checking or unchecking categories of information — share your email address, for instance, but not your birthday.

– App control panel. This is a new central place where you can manage the apps you use. The dashboard will let you manage specific permissions for each app, or remove apps entirely. It will roll out over coming weeks.

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