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Everything You Need to Know About Keek

There are a ton of reasons for people to start using social media if they aren’t already. Some people use it to make friends, some use it to help others, and some just like to share what they’re up to. There are lots of different platforms that can be used, but some of the biggest platforms to date are video sharing platforms. Youtube, Keek, and Instagram all allow you to upload videos. In this post, we’re going to focus on Keek. With plenty of celebrities and big influencers using it, maybe you should be too. Here’s everything you need to know:

Video Set

Keek has a simple to use interface, which makes it really easy to upload your videos. Instagram videos aren’t very long at all, but Keek videos can be up to 36 seconds long. That’s quite good going for video land. They call themselves a network that allows you to share short videos, but they’re not that short in comparison to Vine and Instagram!

It’s really easy to find users to follow, whether you know them or not. You can look at popular keekers, keekers you know, and random keekers. There’s always a list of the top 100 users too. This makes it really easy to find people you’re interested in.

Although some people have never even heard of Keek, it has tens of millions of users. Celebrities all love using keek, from the Kardashians to Demi Lovato. The great thing about Keek? You can have a verified page of your very own if you become a top user! You know, like those pages with the blue ticks that celebrities get on Twitter, letting us know that it’s the real deal? All you do is post your Keek account to other social network accounts you own, and then email them. Simple! If you’re deserving of a verification, you could soon have a verified account to be proud of.

They call hashtags ‘klusters’ on Keek, so you’ll probably see that word a lot. Regardless of what they’re being called, they still do exactly the same thing. You can use klusters to find videos and follow other users that you like.

You should only be using this social network if you’re older than 13 and have permission from a parent or guardian. The terms of use clearly state this so make sure you stick to them! They’re there for a reason; to protect you.

Just bear in mind that if privacy is a big deal to you, Keek doesn’t have privacy options. They may be coming soon, but everybody can see your videos for the time being. This means you should probably think really carefully about what you’re posting before you post it.

That’s just about everything there is to know about Keek. To sum up:

  • You can post short videos up to 36 seconds long.
  • You can follow other users and they can follow you.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Celebrities use Keek.
  • You must be 13 years old or older to use Keek.


Have fun!


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