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Do Violent Video Games Have A Negative Impact On Your Kids?

For many years, campaign groups all over the world have claimed that playing violent video games can encourage children to become violent adults. To be honest, nobody can say for sure if this is the case, but today we’re going to take a quick look at some of the reasons for and against this argument. Nobody wants their kids to end up in prison, but it’s also important to ensure they never feel left out and always have the ability to socialise with their friends, right? In today’s society, this is often done online using gaming platforms and social media websites, so stopping them from playing altogether could also have a negative impact on their progression.

Video Games Have A Negative Impact On Your Kids

With all that in mind, grab yourself a hot drink, put your feet up and spend the next couple of minutes reading through all the information below. Hopefully, you should then come away with a better understanding of the realities of gaming, and whether or not you should buy your kids the latest console this Christmas.

Why video games might negatively impact on your kids:

There have been many studies into this topic, and so there is some good information out there if you’re willing to spend time searching for it. Firstly, games like Call of Duty provide your kids with a means of learning all about different types of guns, ammo and explosives. That is knowledge they would never have at such an early age without taking a strong interest in the military. So, you can see why some parents and campaigners thing it’s a bad idea to let them play.

Secondly, many children spend hours and hours engaging with these games at any one time, and that’s most definitely bad for their health. Not only does staring at a screen for most of the day cause eye problems, but it also means they’re not getting enough exercise.

Why video games probably don’t have a negative impact on your kids:

On the flipside of that argument, videogames are a great educational tool. It can be easy for your kids to think they’d make good soldiers or police officers, but they often don’t understand the realities of these professions. Playing games involving this kind of thing can help them to realise just how dangerous those careers can be, and that’s a good thing.

Also, video games can help them to unwind and take out their frustrations on something or someone in the digital world, rather than in real life. Some psychologists and mental health professionals feel this is favorable to the alternative.

How to decrease the chances of video games negatively impacting on your kids:

So, what should you do? Well, we feel it would be wise to limit the amount of time your children play video games to around 3 hours per day at most, possibly less. That way; they’ll get to enjoy this fantastic technology, converse with their friends while playing and still have time to go out and enjoy more physical endeavors. Also, making them join a sports team might be a wise move too.

Having read through all that information, we hope you now have a much clearer understanding of video games and why so many people are for and against them.

See you back here soon!


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