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Could Crime Surveillance Planes Be The Future?

Over the last ten years, US crime rates have been on a steady increase. When you compare the crime rates in 2004 to the current rates, you will see a massive increase. Areas that have become more prevalent include violent crime, rape and theft. Sexual assaults have also been on the increase over the last few years. That in itself would suggest that something needs to change in society. One way in which experts believe we could have more security is through more surveillance. An American company, Persistent Surveillance Systems, have now developed a high-tech surveillance plane.

Lockheed P-3 Orion

The plane has a set of twelve high res cameras that film action on the ground. The system was first tried out in Ohio, where the cameras filmed plenty of different crimes. Experts believe that this technology could be the future of crime solving and surveillance. The planes fly thousands of feet above the ground but can film things at ground level with ease. The cameras work to create an entire 360 image of what is happening at ground level. That means that the surveillance system can record entire crimes taking place from the sky.

One of the main reasons that so many crimes are still open is because of a lack of evidence. Calgary Criminal Lawyer, Paul Gracia, believes that this new technology will transform criminal law. With constant surveillance, there will be no question about who committed crimes. The authorities will have irrefutable evidence of criminal activity. That in itself should make court cases and trials more straightforward than they currently are.

Persistent Surveillance Systems call their latest invention Hawk Eye Two. The plane records action on the ground in areas with high crime rates. The plane then transfers files to the center where analysts look over the footage. Experts believe that the system will help to track crimes in progress. In fact, the film and transfer time is so fast, that analysts can watch crimes in real time. That will make a huge difference when it comes to fighting crime in the US. The authorities will now have access to a whole range of new technology such as these surveillance planes.

Each plane will cover around 25 square miles. The authorities hope to use the planes in troublesome areas around the US. Doing so will mean that the force needs fewer police officers on the street and more officers waiting for calls. When the authorities get a call about a crime, they will need to act fast to get to the site of the crime. The authorities hope that this means that they can stop crimes rather than just solving them. So far the planes have filmed 34 murders, including one in Mexico. The system uses Google Street View to verify the whereabouts of criminals. The system can follow the criminals and alert the authorities of their location. That means that the police can move immediately and arrest the criminal.

Some critics argue that this system is an invasion of our privacy. There is certainly something Orwellian about surveillance planes. The company argues that the planes will not be intruding on everyday civilian life. They say that analysts can only review footage linked to a crime. That means that the analysts in the crime center will not be watching people unless they are engaging in criminal activity. Despite the fact that the cameras will only film crimes, some people believe that the planes are an infringement on our rights. One of our fundamental human rights is the right to privacy. With surveillance planes watching our every move, how can we have a private life?


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