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CES 2014: Wearables Walk The Runway At Tech Expo

Barely a week into the new year, and it’s already looking like a new electronics war is brewing. Just like how companies battled over tablets and video game consoles in 2013, this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas from Jan. 7 to 10, is shaping up to be the breakout year of wearable electronics.Wearables Walk

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch and Google Glass both showed last year that mobile devices could have a home outside of your pocket or backpack. Both devices may have some problems, like compatibility issues or limited functionality, but these kinks are slowly getting ironed out, setting up 2014 as a year that wearables finally cross over into the mainstream.

At the very least, many companies are willing to give them a shot. Plenty of CES exhibitions displayed products that are trying to change people’s perceptions of the wearable electronics. Whether it’s making them more fashionable or giving them a wider range of features, the tech industry is doing all that it can to turn wearables around and make them popular.

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