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CES 2014 – Roku Announces Roku TV

Roku, the popular set-top box for streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, is coming to the TV set.At CES 2014, Roku will show the new Roku TV platform — being offered on new TVs from manufacturers TCL and Hisense later this year.Roku announces Roku TV

“We’ve applied the same principles that have made Roku the most popular streaming players in America to TVs,” says Roku founder Anthony Wood in a blog post. “Roku TV removes all of the complicated layers and menus, and unnecessary features and settings that plague smart TVs today, and instead provides a Roku home screen that brings together all content sources.”

The Roku TV remote will have half as many buttons as the standard TV remote, says Wood, “so consumers will only need to interact with the necessary controls.” The TV can be operated via the Roku app for Android and Apple devices as well.

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