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Audeze’s Motion-Aware Headphones Will Soon Recreate Your Head Gestures In-Game

If you’re a big fan of first-person shooter games, Audeze has a cool new feature to tell you about. Its Mobius headphones, launched last year with precise head tracking, can now accept Head Gesture Keybinds, which is to say you’ll be able to do the equivalent of pressing a button on the keyboard with the motion of your head.

Mobius headphones

So if you’ve always wanted to lean out of cover by actually leaning your head, this Mobius upgrade brings that within reach. Audeze is currently beta-testing Head Gesture Keybinds and will release them as a software update early in 2019.

One of the more unique and intriguing pairs headphones of 2018, the Mobius use Waves Nx head-tracking tech to create a three-dimensional audio space that seems fixed in place rather than moving around with the motions of the user. In a movie or with music, that means all the sound will be coming from the direction you set up as your front and when you turn in either direction, the center of that soundstage will remain fixed in space.

That means that if you turn right, you’ll hear more in your left headphone than the right. This head tracking is less a boon in gaming, but the precise positional audio capabilities of these headphones do help with pinpointing the source of noises like gunfire or a sneaking assassin’s footsteps.

Along with Head Gesture Keybinds, Audeze has today announced a new Team Carbon colorway for the Mobius, which will be exclusive to Amazon. The Team Copper and Team Blue options still remain, and all three models maintain the original $399 price. The Team Carbon Audeze Mobius will be available on Amazon from January 10th.

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