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Are Customers Losing Faith In Digital Security?

We use technology for everything these days. From making purchases online to finding all the information we need. Technology is integrated into society, just as much as human interaction. But recent evidence shows that consumers are losing their faith in tech. They don’t trust it to keep their information safe making payments. And they are becoming more wary of storing information online. That’s thanks to a series of hacks into online data systems that have left numerous major companies exposed. Just last year, a popular fashion brand was hacked, and customer information was stolen. Now, a recent report has revealed that only thirty percent of shoppers trust and would use mobile payments. It looks like we might need to step back before we can continue to evolve tech for every part of our lives.

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So what should businesses take away from this new finding?

Reassuring Customers

As a business owner, you need to be doing more to ensure that your customers feel safe making purchases from your company. You should be setting up powerful encryptions on your website. You may also want to consider hiring full time digital security for your company. IT support teams can monitor computer networks. They will then be able to let you know if there has been a breach in your security. If there is, they will work to fix the issue before it causes more serious problems.

Online Payments

Numerous businesses online accept a whole range of payments. Whether that’s from credit or debit cards to PayPal purchases. We’re sure you want to tell your customers you will start to accept credit cards today. And you can. You just need to make sure that your website is secure.  The answer is a payment security system. It’s easy to set up with numerous businesses online offering this possibility. If you contact one of these companies today, you’ll find out the piece of mind that they can offer you as a business owner.

Using Cloud Security

Cloud security may have a bad reputation, but it’s still the securest way to store client information. As much as customers believe their information is safer on hard drives, it’s not the case. People have forgotten that in the past USB drives and external hard drives were stolen. There were more reports of this than there have been of cloud servers being hacked. If your information is stored online, it’s more secure than any form of physical security. It’s more difficult for hackers to steal as well.

The Future Of Purchases

We’re not sure what the future of purchases through technology holds. Perhaps we’re a few years away from everyone using Touch ID to secure purchases. After all, you can already do this on your iPhone. Or maybe one day a system of security will be created that is immune to hacking. At this time, however, it’s clear that business owners must be vigilant when it comes to security. Otherwise, they may find that they lose the trust of their customers and have no chance of reclaiming it.

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