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Are Businesses Doing Enough To Keep Their Assets And Systems Secure In The 21st Century?

With the rise in digital technology and the upturn in the economy, business leaders all over the globe face the question of security. Though banks are starting to lend once more, a significant loss through theft can cripple a company overnight. Insurance companies demand robust measures of protection as a condition of coverage, so a victim of crime may find that they lack coverage when they need it most.


There are many ways to attach a business to steal data or goods that could be worth millions on the black market. I interviewed many high-profile leaders before compiling this list of measures that they use. Though cybercrime is on the rise, they understand that they must protect their stock from opportunistic theft too. It seems that the more things change, the more that stay the same.


Paul Johnson, director at Johnson, johnson, & Johnson explained how they moved their systems to online providers. They found it hard to guarantee security within the office building. It seems that companies that offer complete packages including software and storage online are enjoying a boom in business. They have a team who dedicate themselves to online security. As long as the access passwords are safe, there is little chance of data loss or hacking into their servers. He reckons moving to the cloud was a wise move.

Mr Johnson said they suffered several breaches of security when they handled data in-house. Staff introduced viruses to the system from portable flash drives, and malware from the internet. The whole thing became a technical nightmare, and the cost of solving it became unsustainable.

His advice to anybody still using a local network is to change user passwords, keep antivirus software up to date, and use a robust firewall at all times.

Physical Thefts

There is still a problem with theft of stock, said another businessman. They lost thousands overnight during one brazen raid that involved three lorry loads of their product. “We use security patrol dogs and guards from a reputable company these days,” he said. The cost of their insurance premium is low thanks to these extra measures they take to protect their buildings and stock.

Employee theft is another worldwide problem. Most factories and warehouses find it necessary to install multi-camera CCTV systems.

Vehicle trackers have become a standard fixture in all of the trucks these days. There is a rise in lorry-jacking, where the thieves will force the driver out of the cab and take off with the lorry. When they reach a secluded spot, they can remove the contents at their leisure. Though employers suspect that the thieves are receiving information from a source within the company, it is difficult to prove.


Industry is fighting back using the latest technology, but every time they solve one problem, another arises. I guess that is the way it has always been. The difference is that today’s thieves are intelligent attackers who are hard to track down.

The battle will continue and evolve as the world changes. Dishonesty is part of human nature. We all feature it to some level. Most have the decency to control it, but there will always be exceptions. One thing is for sure; I will watch and report the latest developments as they arise.

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