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Apple Brings Back Fourth-Generation IPad

Apple is adding a new option for consumers seeking to buy one of the company’s popular iPads.The tech giant is bringing back the fourth-generation iPad, which includes a Retina Display and A6X processor. It joins the iPad Air, the original iPad Mini and the Mini model with Retina Display.

Apple brings back fourth-generation iPad

Only the 16 GB model of the fourth generation iPad is available, at $399 or $529 with 4G, which is the same starting price as the iPad Mini with Retina Display.On the smartphone front, Apple is including an 8 GB model of its iPhone 5c, the lower-cost version of its popular mobile device.

However, as CNet notes, it’s only available in Australia, China and Europe. Apple says the 8 GB model will not be available in the U.S.

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