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Apple App Store Sales Hit $10bn For 2013

Apple says it sold $10bn (£6.1bn) of apps last year, including $1bn (£610m) in December alone.The festive sales translate to more than three billion app purchases in one month – a new record for the App Store – and includes downloads to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Apple App Store Sales Hit $10bn For 2013

Developers have now made a total of $15bn (£9.1bn) by producing apps, the California-based company said.


Apple takes a 30% cut from every sale, so has made $4.5bn for its own coffers.


Candy Crush Saga, the hit from UK developer King, was one of 2013’s biggest hits, along with the likes of Puzzles & Dragons and Minecraft.


This time last year, Apple did not give a 2012 sales total, but said more than 775,000 apps had been created. That figure has now topped a million.


However, most apps are thought to receive very few downloads, with the bulk coming from a relatively small group of big sellers.


Google’s Play Store – which sells apps for Android phones and tablets – has not yet released figures for 2013.


But a Forbes report last year suggested it had already surpassed Apple on quarterly downloads.

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