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An Internet Full of Frauds. The Harsh Truth

The internet has fast become a criminal breeding ground for those who want to steal and sell personal information. While you might not realize it at the moment, there are people out there who make millions each year from those illegal operations. With that in mind, we thought it vital to educate the world about all the dangers.

As you will read in a moment, there are many ways in which stolen information can be used for profit. While the crime agencies are getting better at stopping criminals dead in their tracks, there is still a real risk that you must acknowledge.

Stolen information can be used to…

  • Open new bank accounts. There were thousands of illegal accounts opened around the world last year with the aid of stolen personal information.
  • Obtain government documents like passports. Criminals can make a lot of money from the sale of passports. So, it should come as no surprise that they regularly apply for them using stolen details.
  • Take out loans and financing. Stealing money and putting victims into debt is standard procedure in the illegal information world.
  • Apply for jobs. Thieves can find work and commit offenses in your name if they have all your personal details.

There are lots of other ways stolen information can be used to make a profit. However, the ones listed above are by far the most common. So, it’s vitally important you keep all your details as safe as possible when buying online. Check the infographic if you want to learn more.


Infographic Source Idology.com


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