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Amazing Ways Technology is Aiming to Prevent Truck Accidents

Road traffic accidents happen every day all around the world. They are one of the biggest causes of death in many countries. And governments are often trying to find new ways of reducing their numbers. Many car accidents can result in little or no injury or damage. But an incident involving a truck or another large vehicle is rarely as low-risk. The size and weight of these vehicles mean that if they lose control or are in a collision, they can do considerable damage in just a short time. But new technology is helping to make trucks safer for both their drivers and other people on the road. Check out these innovations that aim to reduce accidents involving trucks and larger vehicles.

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Samsung Trucks with TV Screens

Samsung has recently put trucks on the road with television screens on the backs of the trailers. The four screens on each truck are linked to cameras at the front of the vehicle, showing a live feed of the road ahead. The cameras also have a night mode, so even in the dark, drivers behind the truck can see what’s happening ahead of them. The idea came about due to the high level of accidents on the long and narrow roads traversed by many trucks in Argentina. The initiative, called The Safety Tuck, was developed by Samsung. They worked with the advertising company Leo Burnett and the Argentinian tech group Ingematica.

Land Rover “Invisible Bonnet”

Although Land Rover’s cars are jeeps, rather than enormous trucks, their bulk can still cause issues. One of the problems they can have is that their large bonnets can be difficult to see over. That’s why they added a new system to their Discovery Vision model. It uses cameras under the car to help the driver see where they’re going. The virtual imaging system makes it seem as if the front of the car is made of glass. So the driver’s vision won’t be obscured when they’re going over uneven terrain or even just trying to park.

Rollover and Jackknife Prevention

One of the things that can do a lot of damage when a larger vehicle gets into an accident is rolling over. And, in the case of 18-wheelers and similar trucks, jackknifing can result in terrible consequences too. Most SUVs now have rollover prevention systems to stop them rolling if they get into a collision or lose control. These systems are now available for 18-wheelers and smaller vehicles you’re likely to find in any truck marketplace. They can also be stopped from jackknifing. The systems use data from the truck’s wheels to apply brakes automatically when the speed and movements could result in an accident.

Collision Warning

Trucks can also use systems that will warn them of an imminent collision to help give them time to brake or turn. They will warn truck drivers of vehicles in their blind spots that they can’t see with their mirrors. A front collision system might also brake automatically to stop the truck before anything can happen.

As technology advances, we can make our roads safer than ever before. A combination of vigilant driving and safety technology will help to reduce accidents. Fortunately, even if you get into a trucking accident, a 24 Hour Truck Road Service is available. Furthermore, a truck accident law services firm can help ensure your rights are protected. Find an experienced accident attorney who will help you seek the maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.

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