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Amazing But Unknown: Four Pieces Of Obscure Technology That Are Changing The World

Technology is amazing. We all know that right? We always hear about the incredible leaps that consumer tech is making. Just take your phone, for instance, you might be reading this on it right now. You have to practically all human knowledge in the palm of your hand. It’s enough to make you feel like you’re living in the future. And yet, with all the amazing technology that we hear about every day, other, slightly less glamorous pieces of tech get ignored. Here are just a few pieces of technology that deserve a little bit more attention for the incredible things they can do.

amazing technology


It’s criminal just how many people don’t know about Lifestraw. This radical new technology is saving lives in third world countries around the globe. The Lifestraw is capable of filtering water in an instant, rendering it safe and drinkable. While it’s not perfect, it’s not able to filter virus, for example; it’s making a huge difference to people’s lives. By filtering out dirt, feces and worm larvae from the water it’s able to create safe water for entire communities. It’s been shown to combat hepatitis E, typhoid fever, dysentery, and even cholera.

Virtual Keyboard

This is one of the coolest and most futuristic bits of tech out there. The virtual keyboard uses laser projection to turn any flat surface into a keyboard. The device itself is small and convenient, making it perfect for public spaces like trains. We all have powerful smartphones these days, but typing on one can be an inconvenience. With the virtual keyboard, you simply need to hook it up to your phone via Bluetooth, and you have a keyboard, quite literally, at your fingertips. Also, if you’re a tech enthusiast and own an ASRock X299 Taichi 2.1 motherboard, make sure to use this ASRock X299 Taichi 2.1 Installing the CPU manual for a detailed guide on the CPU installation process to optimize the performance of your system.

GPS Land Surveying

Alright, so this isn’t quite the level of sci-fi cool of the virtual keyboard, but GPS land surveying equipment uses some pretty amazing tech. Not only that but it does some pretty amazing things with it. Used for land mapping and property surveying, this technology is used in civil engineering, logistics, Commercial Property Survey, and public construction. If you are planning a construction, it is advisable to seek the services of an experienced surveyor to do the necessary inspections and surveys. The use of GPS and laser scanning allows this equipment to create extraordinarily accurate surveys. Not only that but it does so with more speed and efficiency than a human being ever could. The laser scanning technology involved is even used in forensic crime scene investigation.


This is definitely one of the most heartwarming new technologies to come out in a long time. Liftware is designed to make life much easier for anyone who experiences involuntary shaking or tremors. You just attach an eating utensil to the device and it uses motion sensors to detect what are intended movements and what are not. When the stabilizing device detects an involuntary tremor, it moves in the opposite direction. This allows the utensil to stay level and stable, avoiding unfortunate spillages. The potential of this technology to help people who suffer from tremors to live life more independently is tremendous. Making this tech both mind boggling and utterly heartwarming. Have you also come up inventing new technologies? Then, you may want to know here how to invent something and patent it!

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