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5 Pieces of Technology That Make Risky Jobs Safer

Although it might not always feel like it, the world is becoming a safer place. This is mainly down to the advances in technology allowing us to do things that just ten years ago were impossible.

Seattle Police

Check out these five pieces of technology which are helping make some of the riskiest jobs in the world that little bit safer.

  1. GPS

In recent years, police cars have started trialling the StarChase system. It is basically a GPS system attached to the front of a police car that locks onto the target that the police car is chasing.

By locking onto the vehicle being chased, it reduces the need for driving dangerously to keep the target in sight. The idea is that police chasers will be reduced and made a lot safer, as a result. This could save both police and civilian lives. So far, the technology is working well, and there have been no mistakes made as a result of it.

  1. Drive Awake App

Every year people die because of drivers falling asleep at the wheel. This is a particular problem for people who drive trucks and lorries for a job. Stops and sleeping breaks can help professional drivers, but they’re still always under pressure to meet deadlines.

There is now a mobile app to help though. It’s called Drive Awake and uses eye-tracking technology to tell whether your eyes are open or shut. If your eyes stay shut for too long, the app makes a loud noise until you wake up. Clever!

  1. Robots

The police and military often have to deal with dangerous situations. One of the dangerous situation they face is bomb disposal. Historically, this job has been incredibly dangerous for those who do it.

Nowadays though, people don’t even need to get too close to the potential bomb. Instead, small robots can be sent in to oversee a controlled explosion or disarm the bomb. The military call these Explosive Ordnance Disposal robots. They’re capable of examining suspicious packages and feeding back information to military officials.

  1. Gas Detectors

In days gone by, it was down to the canary down the mine to alert miners of dangerous gas leaks. Luckily, those days are now over thanks to technological advancements. Mining is still a very dangerous job, but a bit less dangerous than it used to be.

Nowadays there are portable gas detectors that allow miners to find out instantly that gas levels are rising. All kinds of new drilling methods and workplace controls also make the job a lot safer than it once was.

  1. Remotely Operated Vehicles

Some places are just not hospitable for human beings. Luckily, such places can now be reached by remotely operated vehicles. One of the coolest uses for ROVs is space exploration. We have already landed them on Mars and recently one was attached to a moving comet.

As technology progresses and out horizons broaden, these vehicles will be even more useful for exploring places that humans can’t get to. They may be on Earth or in another solar system – who knows?

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