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5 Differences Between WordPress Hosting And Traditional Hosting

Comparing a managed WordPress hosting solution vs traditional hosting has several differences. Assuming that you are running a WordPress based website, you might have a difficult time figuring out which hosting solution is right for you. In a managed WordPress hosting package, your website sits on a server that is specifically managed for WordPress powered websites only. With a traditional hosting environment, your website shares hosting resources with all different types of websites. As a website owner, it’s your responsibility to give your visitors the best experience possible. Once you learn about the differences between managed WordPress hosting and traditional hosting, you will have an idea which solution is best for you.

WordPress Hosting

Website Speed

First and foremost, the biggest difference between WordPress and traditional hosting is the page speed. The managed WordPress servers are optimized to have the perfect settings between hardware and software. They are known to be secure, fast and scalable. Using functions like server-level caching and updated development utilities, you can expect your website to run nearly 50%-100% faster. Others have seen a speed difference of 1-2 seconds for a content driven site. Of course, this could make a huge difference to your user experience.

Automatic Backups

Next, a managed WordPress hosting package can automate backups for you. While some traditional hosts will create emergency backups, this is usually an add-on service. Or, you would have to configure your own backups through cPanel. Since many WordPress hosting packages do not run on cPanel, they will take care of the backups for you. Otherwise, you can find another way to get backups on your own with a traditional hosting account. If you are a tech savvy webmaster, the backups should be easy to handle. Otherwise, a managed WordPress solution could keep your website content stored, just in case anything happens.

Website Limitations

Since managed WordPress hosting packages have very specific server settings, you might experience some limitations. For example, certain providers will restrict the installation of designated plugins. This is done to ensure the performance and uptime of the server. This can be a good thing if you want to ensure the optimal performance. However, this can frustrate website owners who wish to have full freedom to install any plugin they want. In a traditional hosting environment, you would have increased flexibility to run your site.

WordPress Website Security

Both managed WordPress hosting and traditional hosting should offer you server level security. These include basic firewall and scanning for viruses or malware on the server. However, a managed WordPress host can take your security one step further. Since WordPress receives many platform specific attacks, the management and maintenance of your site can be taken care of by the hosting company. They will ensure that your website receives automatic updates whenever a new update is released. Moreover, they can take care of your plugin and theme patches too. This gives your WordPress website security another line of defense from attackers. Unless, you would like to manage security yourself, you can do so on a traditional server.

Hosting Package Cost

One of the most important factors to website owners, the cost can differ greatly for managed WordPress or traditional hosting. Traditional hosting is much cheaper for website owners trying to get a new business off the ground. Typically, once you sign up, you will get an intro rate. Then, you are charged a recurring rate until you decide to cancel or upgrade. By contrast, the managed WordPress hosting package cost can change based on how many visitors your website receives. The hosting team can recommend what type of package would fit your website needs, allowing you to scale your website as it grows. If you plan on managing the site yourself, it could be more cost effective to get a traditional hosting package. But, for those who will require management and maintenance, there is more value in a WordPress specific hosting plan.

When deciding between WordPress Hosting vs traditional hosting, there are many differences to consider. For most website owners, the level of speed and performance is top priority. If you do not want to manage backups, updates or security, then a managed hosting solution could work best. You would need to consider if any limitations on the managed account would prevent you from operating your website as required. Finally, you have to weigh the costs of both hosting packages against the value of managing the various aspects of your website. Keeping these differences in mind, you can decide between managed WordPress hosting and traditional hosting.

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