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4 Common Forms of Apple Device Damage

Apple products have become ubiquitous in the lives of people around the world. From the iPhone to the Mac computer, many of us have become seemingly addicted to these prolific tech products.

Simply consider this: There are now more than 1 billion active iPhones around the world, with 1.65 billion Apple devices in use overall, according to Apple.

Apple Device Damage


But, despite the love for these products, there are some common complaints as well, including how easy they all seem to break. For example, within one year of purchase, roughly 30 percent of iPhones will suffer accidental damage. It’s a fear that all iPhone and Mac computer and laptop owners all-to-well. We work hard to keep these products safe from some of the most common forms of damage, including:

  1. Water Damage: Many Apple owners live in fear of spilling something on our Mac or dropping our iPhone in water. The damage done can be devastating — and expensive, especially if action to care for the product is not handled immediately. The good news is, there are independent retailers around the world that are taking on apple iphone repair and Mac water damage repair and provide a less expensive solution, especially when your device is out of warranty. Just search for Plano Tx best iphone repair shop near me and take your device there.
  2. Broken Screen: According to Motorola research, approximately 50% of people around the world have experienced a cracked smartphone screen at least once. In the U.S., at least 50 million phones are tossed in the trash because of broken glass, with the reasoning being that the broken glass is too expensive to be repaired. This proclivity for cracked (and sometimes even shattered) screens has long been a complaint of Apple — especially iPhone — owners. This is very concerning as physical damage can drastically reduce the performance of a computer.
  3. Broken iPhone Chargers: Having several chargers tucked around your house, your office, or even your car is an essential strategy for any iPhone owner. That’s because there are a lot of complaints about the chargers and how long you can count on them to last. The first problem is how fond Apple is of changing the charger set up. Second, there is how easy they are to lose, which is a problem phone owner of every ilk can understand. And finally, is their tendency to simply give out when you need them the most. According to Technipages.com, the average iPhone charger lasts just one year, even when it’s in perfect working condition.  After that point, the cable near the port typically starts to fray.
  4. Short Battery Life: This is a customer complaint from iPhone and Mac owners. And despite the numerous upgrades and improvements by Apple, the battery life of Macs and iOS devices never seem to get longer. There is a way you can help extend that life, however. Some approaches include switching your phone to an energy saver, identifying and closing and apps that are running in the background, adjusting your screen brightness, cleaning up unused files from your computer, and turning off Location Services when it’s not necessary for the app.

Let’s face it, Apple products are not perfect. But, our love for these beautifully designed devices will keep most of us purchasing them well into the future. If there are accidental damages on your iPad, you may contact a shop that offers iphone repair and iPad repair services. If you know how to navigate some of the biggest challenges, however, we can make the user experience even a little bit better.

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