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4 Awesome Technologies You Never Heard About

The world is replete with discussion about the latest technologies. We never stop hearing about how the next smartphone or app is going to transform the world in which we live.

But while some technologies grab all the limelight, others are working their magic behind the scenes. These are the technologies you’ve never heard about or seen reported. They’re each a marvel and testament to the awesome power of human creativity. Here are some top picks.

Mind ControlMind Control

Perhaps the most worrying technology on the list, mind control looks like it is going to become a reality. Researchers at Arizona State University are looking to develop a helmet that can manipulate the brains of soldiers.

The research, funded by DARPA, is seeking to use a form of ultrasound technology. The technology works by targeting specific regions of the brain. The ultrasound stimulates different parts of the brain, depending on the needs of the soldier. If the soldier needs some sleep or needs to become alert, different regions can be stimulated.

It’s a terrifying technology, and one whose use scenarios are mainly negative. But it exists nonetheless.

High-Performance Piping

Did you ever wonder how exactly factories work? Factories need equipment that can withstand extremely high temperatures and pressures. But they also need materials for that task that are economical to buy.

Enter CPVC pipe. This plastic piping allows hot, high-pressure liquids to course through its interior unabated. And as a result, it makes hundreds of industrial processes cheaper and more efficient. It may not be the most glamorous invention, but it’s why so many products we buy these days are so cheap.

Insect Devouring Robots

Robots are slowing becoming ubiquitous in our homes. But we’re still waiting for the day when our homes will resemble the 1960s vision of the future. A future in which every home has an assistant robot, ready and willing to do all the chores.

Well, that vision may be coming a step closer thanks to a new robot that has been developed to eat insects. But these concepts aren’t merely for ridding our homes from pests. The developers of insect eating robots want them to decompose the insects they capture for energy. Yes, it’s a bit gross, but it’s a start down the road to our lofty robotic ambitions.

And whoever said that road would be a straightforward one? Little did we know that the way that robots would reach a mass market would be through their ability to digest insects for power to light our homes.

Recyclable Printer Paper

Despite the drive to paperless offices, paper has its uses still. That’s why printer manufacturers, like Japanese company, Sanwa Newtec are working on a compromise.

They see a world in which physical printing still happens, but where the printer paper can be reused. Using a particular type of paper with tiny ink pores, the company hope to make this dream a reality. Put the paper through the printer once to get your desired print out. Put it through again and the paper is returned to blank.

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