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What Bikers Which They’d Known Before Jumping Headlong Into The Sport

Cycling as a sport is on the rise. You can tell that it is, mainly because of all the money that’s being invested in developing new bikes and trails.

If you’re just starting out in the sport, it can all see a little overwhelming. There’s so much to think about from the bikes to the kit to the skills. Here are some of the things that seasoned cyclists wished they had known before getting into the sport.

Cycling as a sport

Enjoy The Ride, Not The Equipment

The fact that the equipment today is a lot more capable than equipment from the past is a good thing. But according to Crannman, a contributor on cycling website Bikeradar, cyclists shouldn’t forget why they got into the sport in the first place. It wasn’t to see how many components on their bike could be made from carbon fibre, and it wasn’t to spend hour salivating over the latest models on YouTube and the internet. It was to enjoy the ride and experience nature in all its glory.

Always Carry A Spare Inner

Cyclists usually learn this lesson the hard way: always bring a spare inner tube with you, no matter where you go. If you go out for a long ride, you can guarantee that you’ll get a puncture at the furthest point from home, meaning that you’ll have a long walk ahead of you if you neglect to pack a spare.

Be Self-Sufficient

If you’re new to the sport, it’s okay to spend a couple of weeks making sure you’ve got all the right tools and kit to be self-sufficient. But nobody like riding with somebody who is constantly asking for equipment or requesting extra tools. After a month or so, you should be fully self-sufficient and not a burden on your riding pals. Nobody likes a cheapskate.

Always take some money with you, your pump, your repair kit, a chain tool, food and water, and hex keys in case you have to tighten something up.

Insure Your Bike

Did you know that most home insurance plans don’t actually cover expensive bicycles? Most only cover bikes worth up to some arbitrary amount, usually £2000, which is much less than the value of most high-end road and mountain bikes. What’s more, bicycles are a huge target for theft, since they’re very valuable and extremely hard to trace once they’ve been stolen. This is why cycling enthusiasts always take out bicycle insurance and even install bicycle racks to secure their equipment. With the risks being so high, and bikes today being so expensive, it’s just not worth riding around without cover.

Grab A Decent Pair Of Cycling Shorts

Cycling requires your legs to get into all sorts of weird and wonderful positions meaning that regular shorts simply won’t cut it. You need something that allows your body to flex in all directions. Most cyclists wear lycra, but if you don’t fancy this, companies like Fox also make highly flexible shorts that will allow free movement in any direction. Make sure you check sites like Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles for any discounts on last season’s stock.

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