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The Importance of Sports Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the field of medicine in which a licensed health-care professional helps reduce pain and improve or restore a patient’s mobility. Additionally, individuals may consider incorporating fitness supplements to support overall recovery and well-being. Chiropractors and physiotherapists from a chiropractic clinic work with all kinds of patients, including people who need help getting back on their feet after major surgery, an automobile or other types of accident or who need help with joint problems such as arthritis.

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Sports Physical Therapy

Sports Physical Therapy

When a person has an injury related to a participating in a sport or exercise regime, he or she may require New York sports physical therapy to reduce pain and restore function. There are many orthopedic problems to be addressed that may include neck, back, shoulder, hand, wrist, knee, hip, and elbow pain.

Since each person responds to pain and medication differently, a customized treatment program is created to meet individual needs. If the patient has prescriptions directed by a physician, the sports physical therapist would follow the instructions meticulously, see here for further information.

What Is Involved in Sports Physical Therapy

At first, the trained physical therapists will evaluate the patient’s condition. It starts with hands-on work with soft tissue and joint mobilization. The patient’s movement flexibility will be evaluated and a program of progressive resistance exercise started. The therapist starts with the weakest part of the person’s condition.

Strength and conditioning is an important part of any program. Several therapeutic methods are used for this, including ultrasound, laser machines, heat machines as well as re-education and recovery of muscles. These are used for lower as well as upper extremities and core strengthening. The professional will adjust therapies according to the requirements of the patient.

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The Services for Rehab

Sports physical therapy has a strong emphasis on orthopedics and uses a variety of rehab services such as:

• Aquatic therapy
• Reduction of pain
• Isokinetic therapy
• Knee ligament reconstruction
• Sport-specific rehab
• Postoperative therapy for joint replacement
• Therapy for soft tissue injuries

Whatever kind of sports injury you have, your chance of complete recovery is better with a specialist. Sports physical therapy addresses the musculo skeletal conditions, shoulder and knee injuries as well as an ACL tear or concussion. With the advanced therapy available today, you have a good chance of being able to return to play.

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