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Injuries And Sport: Does Sport Need To Be Safer?

Hundreds of millions of people around the globe love and play sport. Sport is a great way for them to exercise and to lose themselves in a new reality. For a small percentage, it is alsodd a viable career move that will catapult them to the top of society. But, are sports safe? After the tragic events of the recent clash between Nick Blackwell and Eubank Jnr, questions are being asked. The question is, do they hold any weight? We took a look at the arguments for and against to find out more.



There is no question that most sports do everything they can to help their contestants. You only have to look at the equipment that they provide to see that fact. From shin pads in soccer to helmets in cricket, the majority of players have everything they need. In fact, they may even have more than they need if that is possible.

The caveat to that is that what they have now isn’t enough. Yes, it provides them with a certain standard of safety, but the standard need to rise. A prime example is the ‘Halo’ in Formula One. For anyone that doesn’t know, F1 has introduced a new protective measure. The idea is that the drivers’ heads are vulnerable during a crash, so they need more protection. If sport was already safe, would certain sports be doing more to make it safer?

It is true that sport could do more, but they can always do more. Safety in sport will always be at the forefront of the news, and people will create new safety measures. For the most part, sport will incorporate these safety measures to keep everyone secure, from the players to the spectators. But how far should they go? The question is a relevant one because they will never be able to cover all of the bases. It is a harsh reality, but it is true nonetheless

To add to that, players need to take a certain amount of responsibility. As long as safety is at a certain standard, it is up to them as adults to make a decision. No one forces sports stars to do what they do – they do it for a variety of reasons. But, they do it with the knowledge that they might get hurt. If they are comfortable with that, shouldn’t we?

What we need to realize, though, is that some stars don’t know the whole truth before they take part. NFL concussion lawyers are only just making NFL stars aware that the hits they take now will affect them in later life. Even if they get away with it now, they won’t get away with it in the future when their bodies shut down. Before anyone can make an informed decision, they need all the data.

So, does sport need to be safer? In a perfect world, there wouldn’t be any injuries in sport. The sad truth is that we don’t live in that world, and it does happen, and that’s why using protection as this amazon ankle brace can be really helpful to prevent injuries. As far as sport goes, they do a pretty good job at the minute – just check the fatality percentages.

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