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Encouraging Kids To Get More Active In Sports

What’s the most popular pastime for kids in 2015? If you were hoping your favourite sport would top that list, you’re out of luck. The answer is absolutely nothing. Literally kids these days enjoy doing nothing rather than anything else in the world. That in itself is quite shocking and it’s a slight exaggeration. They’re quite fond of sitting around watching TV or playing video games. Now, if you’re a kid of the 90’s that probably sounds quite familiar, so what’s the problem? The difference is that the situation has been getting progressively worse over the years. Childhood obesity has reached record numbers in the developed world and it’s about time something’s done about that.  The question becomes, how do we get children more interested in sports?

Video Games!

It sounds counterproductive, but it’s not really. This year, if you talk to a kid, they’re probably more likely to know how to play guitar hero than an actual musical instrument. Similarly, they’re more likely to know how to get six goals on Fifa then to know how to take an accurate shot in real life. On the face of it, it would seem video games aren’t the answer. In fact, video games are becoming less popular themselves. People would rather stare at their phones than play a properly developed game on television. But, a few years back the Wii was popular for bringing sports into the living room. And comix zone cheats are making people come back to playing video games for fun. We can only hope that Nintendo have got a similar plan to get exercise back into gaming, with their new console next year.

Bribe Them

We naturally have a competitive edge. It’s in our very nature as human beings. Although, for some it might be more prevalent than for others secretly, we would all love to own football awards or trophies of any kind. It would show that we have excelled in a sport. It’s possible then if we want to kids to compete in sports, even at an early age we have to be offering them rewards for winning. That will drive their competitive nature and hopefully encourage them to take part.

Making It A Family Activity

Of course, if you want your kids to play sports you have to encourage them by playing them yourself. At the weekend, you should be taking your kid outside for a game of footy, not watching it with them on TV. Or if Formula One is your favourite pastime why not instead take them go-karting. If your child has taken a particular liking to tennis, you can build a tennis court at home. You’ll have more fun and you’re getting some well needed fresh air. We know that kids look to their parents when deciding how to act. So, if you want them to play sports, search for Pickleball courts near me and take them to play.

If your family loves to play archery, make sure to use a quiver so you can easily reach for your arrows quickly and conveniently.

Blame The Schools

Or, you can take the easy option and point the finger at someone else. On average kids will get around three hours, maybe less in sports at school per week. It sounds like a lot but as they progress most kids will steadily decrease that to zero. So maybe if we want kids to be more active we have to campaign for more sports in schools. There should also be more coaching programs at school so young athletes will be motivated to engage in sports.

Learning and expanding knowledge is important, but if they’re not having fun in the “best years of their life,” what’s the point?

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