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Crazy Sports Injuries That Have Actually Happened

Sports aren’t as safe as most people assume. In fact, over the years, there have been numerous cases of athletes being seriously injured playing a game. When you go out on the field, get into the car, or start at the top of the slope, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. You are participating in what could be an incredibly dangerous game. Some sports injuries may even require a knee surgery or other major medical procedure. Athletes who sustained injuries may need physical rehabilitation and sports rehab to fully recover and get back on the field.

Broken Nose And Jaw

Who would have thought that baseball could be so exciting? Two players jumping for the same ball actually suffered a spectacular collision in midair. It was quite incredibly to watch apparently because the entire stadium fell silent. Something that rarely happens during any sport. Clearly, they must have sensed that something had gone seriously wrong. We can’t help but think baseball players would be safer with a tad extra padding.

Broken Leg

If you’re hurtling down a field towards a team of big brutes in massive body armour, you do risk the possibility of an injury. We’re in the world of American Football now where injuries are almost a given. Although, you might be surprised to learn just how many of them aren’t serious. Perhaps due to all that foam in the body armour they wear. However, that didn’t protect Joe Theismann after another player’s knee came down on his leg. We can only imagine the pain he felt when that happened.

Eddie The Eagle

This guy really stands on his own when it comes to sports injuries. Participating in the ski-jump during the Olympics with no training, Eddie sustained multiple injuries. Many of which landed him in a hospital for extended stays. Although the famous British ski jumper claims, things could have been a lot worse if he hadn’t been using protective foam padding.

You can learn more about how this keeps athletes safe in the infographic.

Infographic By Technical Foam Services

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