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Are More Young People Taking Up Golf?

Are more young people taking up golf? That is the burning question. For years, golf has been deemed the sport of the more mature. But, there has been a sharp increase in the number of under-thirties playing golf. Is this really a surprise? Or has there been a shift in attitude?

golfGolf, Galore!

There have been many reports that a golfing culture is growing within the UK. More than two million people throughout the length and breadth of the country are stating that they have a keen interest in golf. This is great news for a number of reasons. Golf has always been viewed as a game played by mature men. There is now a growing interest from young people, and from women, who are eager to get involved with the sport. This shows a significant shift in attitudes and perceptions of golf. The golfing industry has been trying, unsuccessfully, to challenge these misconceptions. This is something that they have tried to tackle for a number of years.

It has been found that 5% of women aged 19-64 were actively interested in the sport. This is great news all round.

A Slow Burner?

So, why has it taken so long for younger generations to become more interested in the game? What can be done to get more young people motivated by this sport? It has been suggested that younger people have higher disposable income. This means that they can take up new pursuits that interest them. With less money, means fewer opportunities. This greater sum of cash means that they can take up sports, which are usually expensive.

What is more, golf courses are less exclusive than they used to be. They are much friendlier and cheaper. By making these clubs more accessible to everyone, golf is finally widening its scope. There is also a greater variety of aids that can assist people with their game. They are cost-effective and can be used within the home. Indoor golf nets and other paraphernalia are getting more people interested in the sport on a domestic level. It seems that this trend is transferring onto the golf course too.

There is a growing flexibility in the golf world too. Attitude shifts within the industry have been positive. The golfing industry is keen to get more women and young people into the game.

Affordability and Accessibility

By making membership cheaper, the world of golf is becoming affordable. There is now a wealth of options available at many golf courses. This includes flexible membership options as well as family discounts. The sport is being generated towards the family market. This is something new. Dads are now able to take their young ones to the course and spend some quality time. Some passionate players even enroll in a Golf Teaching Certification Program in order to become golfing educators and make golf their professional career. This is proving to be a successful marketing tool for the golf course owners as they are now getting more people through the doors.
Generating the interest of young people is critical to the sports longevity. It seems that the golfing industry has finally realised that and is making the sport accessible to all.

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