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UT Man Counts Blessings After Stolen $890 Returned

A man is counting his blessings after the return of $890 in cash stolen from him in the Salt Lake City suburb of West Valley City.CASH

Police say Ahmed al-Sarraf was at a Smith’s grocery store on Monday when he picked up money from Western Union that his father had wired him to help with rent and food.

When he later realized he had left an envelope with the money behind at a checkout stand, he returned to the store and asked the cashier if she had seen it.

She told al-Sarraf that a man behind him in line stated the envelope was his and left with it.

Police say an unidentified man entered the same store on Friday and turned in an envelope with $890, almost the exact amount stolen four days before.

The envelope also contained the Western Union receipt for al-Sarraf, and the money was returned to him.

Police praised the unidentified man’s actions, saying “someone out there had the heart to return the stolen money to the rightful owner.”

Source: AP


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