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The Reasons Why Personal Injury Claims Are On The Rise In The U.K

To us, it is not shocking to hear about personal injury claims and the ‘compensation culture’ in America. But, it is not just a culture that is indigenous to us because personal injury claims are on the rise in the United Kingdom, too. Yes, our sophisticated cousins from across the pond are also experiencing numerous amounts of lawsuits just like we do every year. But what’s the reason for the increase?

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The term ‘compensation culture’ could not be more pertinent. Across the Western world, we have become accustomed to people suing just because they can. However, in Britain that is heightened because the law is a lot stricter than other here. Just like the libel laws, once you have been sued in Britain you are in trouble regardless of your guilt. As a result, a lot of people take the chance in the hope that they come out on top as the law I seemingly on their side.

There are people who also need the money. Of course, this is not just synonymous with the U.K because it happens all over the world. However, it is a good reason for the increase in lawsuits with regards to personal injury claims. Sometimes, you might get involved in an incident with the wrong person, and that person will milk everything they can from the situation. Hire a las vegas motorcycle accident lawyer who usually handles such cases.

Also, law firms are using a tactic which makes suing a lot easier. The tactic is the ‘no win no fee’ craze that a lot of lawyers use in the U.K as a tactic to hire them in the first place. In America, we tend to review cases for no charge first before we hire our legal team. For example, attorney Morris, King & Hodge P.C does not offer a ‘no win no fee’ service, but a free case review. The difference is lawsuits in the U.K are encouraging people to try their luck without having a proper consultation because they cannot lose. If they do not win, they don’t pay and if they do win they receive a lump sum of cash.

New legislation over the past couple of years has also provided protection. Let’s not forget that making a personal injury claim is a bad thing. Not everyone wants to take advantage, and there are a lot of people who deserve the compensation. But, in some cases in the past these people have been put off claiming because of the people they have to make a claim against. Just imagine having to make a claim against your employer and the consequences of your actions. In Britain in 2015, however, that is not an issue because of strict legislation that offers a wealth of protection.

Compensation is undoubtedly very important for a lot of people, and it has to be said that the majority of people deserve the money they receive. However, it is important to remember that the system should not be abused, whether in our country or any country in the world.

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