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The First Country In The World With Free Public Transport

From March 2020 you will not need a ticket on the buses and trains of the small state. This is financed from tax money.

Luxembourg Free Transport

In Luxembourg you can use the public transport from next year free of charge. Anyone who wants to travel to the second-smallest EU state by bus, tram and train from 1 March 2020 will no longer needs a ticket, but only has to show a pass, informed infrastructure minister Francois Bausch on Monday. Luxembourg will be the first country in the world with free public transport.

The measure, which is intended to motivate more people to use public transport, will be financed annually with 41 million euros from tax revenues. 1st class travel continues to be paid. There should be no job cuts at the public transport companies, assured Bausch. Ticket vendors and Kontrollore would receive new tasks. The measure also benefits foreign visitors and commuters, who would only have to pay the distance to the state border when traveling to Luxembourg. Every day, 200,000 people from Germany, France and Belgium commute to Luxembourg -the majority by car.

However, gaps still exist: the transport company AVL of the city of Luxembourg with 170 buses, for example, is not affected by the decision of the government. But Bausch hopes that the municipalities will also be involved in the initiative.

The Green politician called the free public transport as “an important social measure” – even if this is not a “panacea” to move people to the switch to local transport. At the same time, the small state wants to invest around 2.2 billion euros in rail by 2023. All buses are to drive electrically until 2030.

Attempts to encourage people to travel more environmentally friendly with free public transport have so far been at the level of individual cities: in Tallinn, for example, city residents can use the trams, buses and trains for free – a measure that has also paid off economically. Since July, the intercity buses in almost all Estonia are free. Buses in Manchester are also free, and the Bavarian city of Augsburg wants to make trams and buses free from at least the city center starting at the end of 2019.

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