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Pilots Report On UFO Off The Irish Coast

Several pilots reported several brightly lit objects off the southwestern Irish coast. The authorities are investigating.

Strange Objects Spotted

The Irish Air Traffic Agencies are currently dealing with a special notification. Several pilots said they had sighted at least one UFO, an unidentified flying object, on 9th November off the southwestern Irish coast of Ireland.

At 6:47 local time, a British Airways pilot had contacted the Tower in Shannon that day. She inquired if military exercises were taking place in the area because she had seen something that had moved very fast. But the tower had no reports of military exercises. The pilot, who steered her machine from Montreal to London Heathrow, reported a “very bright light”. The object appeared on the left side of her plane and then “turned quickly north”.

It was not the only testimony about this incident. A pilot from Virgin Airlines gave his report to the incident. It could have been a meteor or other object that has entered Earth’s atmosphere. The pilot said, according to the BBC of “several objects”, the same trajectory followed. And they were very bright.

Another pilot spoke of objects at “astronomical” speed, it was like “Mach 2”, which would mean double the speed of sound. The Irish Air Service (IAA) confirmed that they were working on a report on the incident.

Sources: BBC

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