Published On: Mon, Jan 16th, 2017

Peace Talks Would Be Kicked in Paris For Palestinian & Israel

France has hold summit to settle down the issues between Palestinian and Israel. This is looking as major international conference which could kick the peace talks between these two countries. It is going to hold in Capital of France, Paris.

Peace Talks Would Be Kicked in Paris For Palestinian & Israel

It is expected that approximately delegates from 70 states would attend this conference for two states solution to decade’s old conflict.

Palestinian and Israel are invited to attend this conference as an observer and receiving conclusion which would be driven by this conference but they could not to participate in this conference itself.

Israel has rejected this conference and said that it is against it but on the other hand Palestinian has welcomed this move by international community.
Last round of peace talk was suspended in April, 2014.

This conference comes at the times of tension for Israel when United Nations has passed a bill which is against the Israel and denouncing Israel’s settlement activity of occupied land.

Israel has accused the Obama administration for moving this bill and vetoes it in United Nations. Israel held responsible Obama administrations for brings such move on international forum. Although, The White House denied colluding to get the resolution passed.