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Over 70 Dead After Flash Flood And Landslides In Indonesia

According to police, a flash flood in the Indonesian province of Papua, have killed at least 73 people. In addition, around 74 people were injured.

Flood And Landslides In Indonesia

Civil protection spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho announced on Sunday that at least 74 people were injured. The rescue work continued.

According to a blog post on a Charlotte water damage repair website, after heavy rain on Saturday, several villages in the region of the provincial capital Jayapura were flooded with water. It had also come to landslides. The exact extent of the damage was still unclear on Sunday.

Most bodies have been found under the rubble of damaged homes, said Muhammad Aidi, a spokesman or the Papua police. “The rain has led to flood-like floods that have washed mudslides, tree trunks and other materials from the Cyclops Mountains down into the valley.” On the way to the valley, water and mud would have damaged many houses.

Although the floods have now largely given way because the water in the Lake Sentani at the foot of the mountain chain was drained. But the mudslides continued to obstruct the main thoroughfare of the province bordering Papua New Guinea, the police spokesman said.

Only in January during the rainy season in Indonesia at least 30 people were killed by landslides and floods. The monsoon lasts in most regions of the country from October to April. Landslides and floods are not uncommon at this time.

Tony Williams
Tony Williams
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