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New Report Predicts Food Shortages if Agricultural Production Doesn’t Keep Up With Demand

Experts in food security have released a report that says we could be dangerously close to a global food shortage. In fact, it is thought that we could run out of food as early as 2050. There are various different reasonings behind this looming crisis. Some are blaming climate changes. Others believe it is down to agricultural production.

Weather Disasters

The Report

Put together by global insurance company, Lloyd’s of London, this report is backed by copious amounts of evidence. Experts in sustainable development economics and food security put the report together initially. It was then checked and vetted by various academics. The report claims that the world could face an epic food shortage, unlike any other. All by 2050. The insurer also goes on to argue that as a nation we are completely unprepared for an event like this. An event which could lead to the price of basics, such as corn and rice, to rise. This would also send the financial market plummeting down, to dangerous recession levels.

Three Weather Disasters

Within the report it says that it would take just three weather disasters, to cause this food shortage. If all three happened in quick succession then we would be unable to recover and the globe would suffer. This is why some experts are blaming climate change for the impending disaster. Last year, the UN warned that humanity is at risk of losing food systems. The rapidly changing climate is bringing more weather disasters than ever before. Droughts, earthquakes and flooding are more commonplace. They’re also ruining crops. Just three consecutive weather disasters could be enough to practically shut down food supplies.

Agricultural Production

During the recession, the agricultural industry was hit hard. Farmers were unable to buy new equipment, machinery or vehicles. This led to a slowing down of all types of food production. However, with the recession slowly easing up it is thought that production should get back to normal. Companies that supply the industry, such as CCTY Bearing, would agree that farmers are finding their feet again. More and more are investing in the right kind of equipment and construction work, that has been long overdue. Crop Spraying using eco-friendly fertilizers and pesticides is also becoming more popular.

A Nutritional Apocalypse

Although it may sound dramatic, there are many experts who have been warning about a nutritional apocalypse for quite some time. If there was to be a food shortage then it’s thought it could create chaos around the planet. There would be riots in the urban areas of countries such as Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East. This would cause even more political instability than there is now. A global food shortage is a ticking time bomb for what could be all-out war between the people and their governments. This is something which we were first warned about back in 2009. Is it slowly becoming a reality?

Essentially, it’s unlikely that the world is going to run out of food tomorrow. However, a global food shortage is a totally viable situation if agricultural production doesn’t keep up with demand. Or, if there are some serious weather disasters that slow down production even more.

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